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Hello all,

Im just in the process of joining the TA after a few years away. I was in the Royal Engineers for 12 years and got out in 2001, but I couldn't join the TA then due to family commitments, but now I can..

Anyway, the question, are the courses available to the Regs available to TA personnel as well? Im asking as at the moment im unemployed (worked in construction and was recently made redundant!) so I have a lot of time on my hands.

Many thanks

Which regt are you going to join? Speaking from an Infantry point of view you can do abbreviated versions of most courses but you wont just be able to go from one to the other to another thus creating a kind of full time job.
You could look at getting your basic trg out of the way then going FTRS.
762baynet thanks for your reply,

Im going back in the RE, I was a Class 1 tradesman as well as a Class 1 Combat Engineer, but due to my time out (8 years) I believe I will lose my military qualifications. I was just wondering if I could retrain, say my combat engineer qual over a few weeks course rather than endless weekends. Dont get me wrong I'll love doing that, but whilst I have got the time available to me it seems silly not to try and utilise the time wisely.

I do appreciate I cant make a full time living out of it, I just want to use my time now, while I can to get any courses done.

Other courses are adventure training courses, I understand that most of these are probably reserved only for regs but I was just curious if TA personnel can go on them?

I know I will be asking my unit the same questions once I join but I just wanted a heads up if anybody knew.

I have thought about FTRS, Ive even checked out the job board, but this is something I will consider if the construction industry does not pick up.

Depending on the course AND your SPSI, chances are once you've gone through your initial training, you may be able to put in a for a bid on a regular course rather than the TA equivalent; which is longer and in most cases the more valuable qualification.
Ah that sounds good...not! So its a good time to re-join if there are going to be cuts..." Now imagine you are holding a Top Panel from an MGB....!' 8O
If you're anwhere near Wakefield,or The North in general,try 299 Para Sqn RE(V).They are looking for good men.
Cheers mulhandis89,

unfortunately (or fortunately which ever way you view it!) I live in Bristol so thats a bit far to travel.

The unit Im looking to join is 100 Fd Sqn Royal Monmouthshire RE (Militia) :salut: not only are they RE but they have a troop in Bristol, which always helps!

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