Courses available after phase 2

I'm planning on joining the Royal Signals as either a comms sys op or engr. I was wondering what kind of courses I might have available to me upon completion of phase 2 training and throughout my career? I've heard everyone(?) can do All Arms Commando or Para but other than that the subject seems blurry.

Thanks for the link!

Oh absolutely. I'm just trying to gather as much information as possible on what's available further down the line. After all, phase 1 and 2 will only take around a year of what could be a very long career.
Once you leave Phase 2 training, you should probably spend the first year at your first unit knuckling down and learning your trade. By all means let your CoC know that you're interested in doing those courses though, as long as you're not a dick and have a good work ethic they'll support your applications.

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