Discussion in 'RAC' started by recce-cpl, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Tell me chaps , am i the only guy that needs to take out a loan whenever i go to Bovvy on a course .On crew commanders last year the course nearly cost my marrage . i know that with in my regiment i am not the only one who has come under the evil spell of Weymouth , bournemouth and poole . But is this story the same in the whole RAC ? i am slightly worried as i may be there for another 7 weeks this august / september on a course . Any of you old and bold well 40+ guys got any tips on having a good time and still having money left to get home with . The taxi one is a non-starter as the wife will have the car . Any tips will be gratefully accepted . cheers . :?
  2. Don't drink in the nelson on Poole quay. They have genuinely better war stories...but the live bands are el bizzo!! The gauntlet is laid doe=wn and feck the wedge!
  3. you could always just stay in, or go to the Beehive (if it still exists) for a 'nice' cup of 'tea' ;)
  4. Make friends with a fellow course member who has a car and pay them to take you to Weymouth, Bournemouth and Poole! and dont forget the cheeky little cider museum on the way to Weymouth!

    I liked it so much I live in Bournemouth!
  5. Lulworth Cove was Great good for live bands when my sister had the Hotel! also very cheep rooms (I wonder why?)Another very good pub is the Ship in East Chaldon.
    11th 12th June, Bournemouth holds the National Zapcat Championships, Great weekend, Look out for Number 64.
    Taking the Family to support!Racing takes place on both days between 1200 and 1700.

  6. Back in July 1990, when i was a mere trooper, I was fortuantae enough to attend the Cre Gunner course at lulworth.

    We saw one cloud in the two weeks. As we were the last course before standdown, our instuctors were keen to finish early. This meant slightly early starts short lunches and finsihing by 16:00 hrs.

    The led us students most days ging down to the cove, enjoying the sea and the hospitaility of the locals. The pubs pub food was excelelnt as wwas the ale, I dont think I ate once in the cook house in the evening, and it was one of those courses where I spent far more that I earned, a trooper was on about £19 a day back then, and Im sure we spent well more than that every night.

    But it was a good butlins :)

  7. IFCS conversion down in Bovie back in 84, nearly got RTU'd. Heavy drinking all week has a detrimental affect on your concentration and performance.
  8. It sooo sad the old Long Armour Infantry Course is now long gone. The old place behind the Museum and whole year to; design your own AFV, make a shooting stick and explore the pubs of Dorset. .... bliss
  9. I was on one of the early ( CVR/T) crew commanders courses (Nov 78-Feb 79) before it got too intense. Finished it unfit, overweight and skint. It was fantastic!!!. Met my first wife in the "Sandford" not so fantastic. Best advice? it's a long course, so don't go on the piss every night.

    Best part of the world by far, I now live in Poole.

    When we first arrived in Bovvie as RAC Centre Regt ( 1 RTR Nov 82-Nov 84) you should have seen how nervous the pads who had "really enjoyed" their courses were!!. Walking down Poole high street on a saturday afternoon with the missus and in a cold sweat in case they bump into any "friends" of the opposite sex.
  10. Friendly Turtles perchance ??!! :roll:
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    The Beehive. Is this a caff on the same side of the road from the entrance to the museum but up the hill toward the officers mess?

    I am thinking back to the summer of 78 (Control Sig) here and there is a spark of something in me memory.
  12. The simple answer is to re-trade to the Engineers, we get paid so much who cares what the beer costs. (Guess Who RC)
  13. Scruffy engineer , uuuummmm i wonder .Maybe a few''OP'' tours will sort you out you will have even more money in the bank .
  14. We only go on tours when a worthwhile job needs doing, not when the locals just require a bit of target practice.
  15. Correct mate.