Course to learn about CAS and AH

As an FDC commander and level 4 ACS i was wondering if theres a course i could attend or if not any pams on the whole subject of CAS and AH and the handling of these assets. I understand that sometimes in my job as the FDC commander i am required to line up / allocate these assets if theres no TACP ect and was wondering about actually learning about it rather than trying to blag it!!!! whats a ROS? TRP ect all things ive heard but nothing i can actually talk about with any knowledge. Any ideas?
Try the aviation forum
Your Brigade's TAC-P or BALO/Air Cell could give you pointers. Also they just ran an AH users course at harry Larkers - whether that is a regular occurence I don't know.
speak to any of your troop who have recently done a course at RSA the fires courses all involve CCA now

its about as good as it gets, just a few teathing problems as the fly boys do things a bit different depending on squadron or nationality.

Try the JFSOC as discussed above. Don't be confused by the title - like the AH Staff Officers' Course run at Middle Wallop, this is very much an all-ranks thing.

Also try the Joint Fires Coordinators Course (run for FPCs and so on!) as well. If you need the POC for these, let me know.

Failing that, and in the short term, if you want a complete run down on ROZ/HIDACZ management, overviews of AH/Air capability, qualification as a CCA Controller, intro to FAC and a whole host more - drop me a line.

soprano54 said:
Contact JFACSTU at RAF Leeming and do the FAC course!
Before anyone actually follows this advice, I should point out that you may only load onto the FAC Course when you are formally held against a FAC LSN (or are a member of UKSF) and you meet the rank requirements.

However, you may attend as an Observer - again, details on request.
I don't think Bell is on about controlling air - he want to know more about what he might have to do in an FDC to facilitate it - requests from the FOO/OP/FAC, speaking to the Bde Air Cell etc. He wouldn't need and wouldn't get a place on an FAC course (rocking horse shisl at the moment and priority to ops - rightly so).

We are lucky as our Bty has a former TAC-P (still in date) working in the FPC, so we are covered.

Someone in your regiment (BCs/Adjt/CO?) would have attended the relevant courses to give them an overview - the AH users course last week, Air Land Integration seminars at Bde/Div level - and should be able to point you towards courses, plus the good advice given from others above.
Im actually in BATUS at the mo and bumped into an old friend of mine who is part of a TAC P out here at the minute.....however when i stopped to chat to him he had to shoot off....bloody typical.
Obviously looking into this subject and actually learning it will make my job easier when handling Air/Avn speaking to the relevant people and giving them correct information, also as a L4 ACS stripey looking to go further i could be employed in the FPC then im sure i would deffo need to know something.
All the help so far is appreciated and i will be looking intothis subject futher when i return to RD in a month or so.

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