course selection ?????????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pocket fox, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Can anybody please tell me how it is decided who gets on course and who doesn't . I recently had a bid in for 6 months for a course then a pte with less time served and maxed on mtd's bid a month before the end date as a result he is on course and I am not . It seems to me that bids are not logically worked out if anybody knows how they decide I would love to know .
  2. Is he a better soldier than you????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Make sure that your bid actually hit the desk of the course clerk, I had a course cancelled on me due to not enough applications , Im pretty sure someone just could not be arsed to do their job
  4. No .........
  5. That was my initial thought to be honest , I just thought the army may have some roundabout bizzare system that only a few of the worlds top professor's could work out
  6. There is a chance that you applied to far in advance, most courses only load 3 months in advance.
  7. Ok that seems sensible do you know if failure to get on the first course puts me in a better position for my next bid for the same course I am currently a reserve for the original course
  8. Are you a 19 days a year kinda guy? Is there another event or course that your seniors want to see you on, but you chinned it off to try and get on this course? Have you pissed somebody off? Do you whine as much to your PSI? Do you have too much self importance?

    Or is it all of the above??
  9. None of the above, unfortunately for me I was told I was on a course and made the necessary arrangements only to be told the course is not running and to make other plans which I did and got told you're not on course hence you are not bounty qualified as you have not done a continual camp ,make other arrangements ,which sort of leaves me in a pickle . I'm not whineing or bleating I would just like some constructive info from people who may have answers to my question .....
  10. On the camp front you can do a reduced camp (10 days) twice in 5 years, also you can split camps, hell if your OC signs it off you can work in barracks for two weeks, I know this wont help your course problem but you do have more options than annual camp or a two week course
  11. Thanks for that.