Course Reports From the Lower Sixth

Having moved from the lower to the upper sixth in September why has it taken until now to get our course reports. Additionally why hasn't the second RO included his comments? Will Glasgow get these out to us before the BB hits? I THINK NOT...

Ladies and Gentlemen please take this as a fine example of the quality of staff work, time management and expectation management that you should aspire too at the JSCSC.


War Hero
Have you phoned, emailed or even poped in to see the Col down at Captain Thunders' School of Science?

If you have, what excuse did he give, and what did you do about it?
Got my report recently and after all of the Ginger brigadier's rantings of how un-technical we all were - he just wrote 'agreed' on his bit! So much for incisive comment and adding value!

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