Course re-imbursement to an employer

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by FredWest, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Quick question for the Legal Minds, the other half's sister's other half has been laid off from his employer, however, he's been working for them less than two years, and he's stated that they've told him that because he's not been employed for two years with them, that they can take the cost of all courses and his CRB check from his final salary.

    Now he can sometimes be economical with the truth, and I've tried searching on Google, but nothing's coming up. Any ideas as to if this is right, or is he talking out of his hoop!!!!

    Personally I think he's talking out of his hoop.

    Cheers in advance .

  2. What does his contract of employment say? Sounds highly unlikely this could stand though.

    If they'd sent him on a brain surgeon course costing £50k, would they be entitled to recoup that from him?

    Added: the employer CAN recoup certain expenses if the employee chooses to leave within a certain period of time, but that would be detailed in the CoE.
  3. I've heard of it before but never when the employee is laid off!!! and it must be in writing!
  4. Thought so, the other half is doing her ACCA with work, and it's in her contract to re-imburse if she does one, however, I suspect there's a few porkies going on from him.
  5. I employ tehcnicians who we train at great expense to the company. Advanced training is carried out in the states for three weeks, (not cheap). There is a clause in the contract that states they will refund the cost of training if THEY decide to leave within 2 years. The % paid back is on a sliding scale as time progresses. It would be illegal to deduct this if it is not in a signed contract. I suggest a quick call to ACAS would sort this in a heartbeat. Sounds like he is bullshitting.
  6. Guys, it's what I thought, he's been spinning a tale for the past few weeks, I'm not allowed to drop him in it, but I'll definately mention the possible illegality of it when his other half's about. Tw@t.
  7. If its in the contract he has to pay back, if its not he don't
    If the employer deducts from final wages without his permission in writing, go to the Employment Tribunal [dead easy and he can represent herself for something as simple as loss of wages] and they will make him pay him back [ET1]. If he cuts up rough, ask the tribunal for a cost preparation order. Thats a payment for the amount of time and costs he has spent writing to the employer [I always note that, to the employer at £2 per page written and £10 per hour for work done, any 'fool' can run up £300 or so], beauty of it the employer cant get his costs unless your sister's OH is an idiot or a lair or something something like that.
    Oh if he did not give him a contract that's also worth a few quid with the ET as that illegal
    Careful you only have 3 months less 1 day to file with the ET and no you can't file late