Course Qualifications

I have a question about course qualifications and run out time, what I mean is I am an ex reg how has joined the TA but due to time out things like rank I have lost. At the moment we are trying to chase down qualifications and I am sure there are some Qs which would have run out, but equally I am sure there are those that don't

Tech quals (like sigs) I understand may have been superseeded or may require a "refresher" but what about things like Leadership courses, surely they can't be considered as out of date ?

I also hold old insructor courses (RSI, Equipment Recognition) do I need a DIT qual ? I never did a BIT because I had the other ones

Is there a criteria ? Can red tape be cut or manouvered ?

BTW I returned to my same capbadge so the original courses are credable

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