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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. Everything was planned at the start of 2007/08 holidays courses etc holidays went fine booked my CMT 2 for next March 1st - 15th, wife just informed me that she is due to produce to the world Junior Soldier No 2 on the 7th March :eek: So that puts me in a spot!!!
    As i have used most of my hols as I was doing my CMT 2 I haven't enough hols to take a course this year so I need a curse Jan or Feb 2008 has anyone ideas. I am in recruiting and a few years ago the other lad did 2 weeks at a RTC, do they still do that.
    My sqn away on camp for next 2 weeks so need info before I see PSI.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    I must be psychic:

  3. Which Bde are you in?
  4. Jase, should be EW courses at Blandford during those periods. Not ideal I know.
    On the medical IT side, their maybe some DMICP user/system manager courses running @ Keogh during that period.
  5. He's sub unit is in 42 Bde area and regiment in 15 Bde
  6. Polar,

    I take it the EW course is two weeks?

  7. Do a reduced camp monging around the TAC?
  8. i think it's only a week course. heard something about it in June down Blandford.

    Polar, have you heard/read anything about the EPM(ECCM) course dates yet?
  9. You could always try for an AT course? Should be plenty between now and then.
  10. CO but a stop to that,
    looking to do 2 weeks at a RTC anyone any info on this
  11. Jase,

    Check your PMs

  12. cheers mate