course dates for cfcb

does anybody know the dates for this in the new year? or know where i can find them.

the plot that county has given out has them up to november, but shows none for december, january, feb or march. and ofcourse the plot doesn't go beyond march 09.

i've also done a search and come up empty. just that i have to plan fairly far in advance as i am a school teacher and will only be able to do the board during the holidays.

cheers :D

I take it you mean Westbury? If so, get onto your county. They should have all the dates. Failing that, go on the Westbury website and it's on there. Be advised mate, it's hard as fook to get booked on to a Westbury weekend at the moment. Get in as early as you can. Take it from me, it's worth doing. Good luck!

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