course dates and trawls

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smiler9131, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. can any help

    where can i find out dates for courses so i can get on them and also what trawls are being done ie guys required to form brf for an op deployment
  2. Depends what courses you are talking about. If it is OPTAG then I think that the course dates are on the web, you should find OPTAG under the LWC pages. If it is RTMC for IA courses, then I found the easiest way was to ring their courses clerk, they are very helpful and can send you the relevant forms. As for trawls, look on the MS webpage, on the homepage you will find the OCE list, which lists posts by rank and has a whole page of EOD posts for you to get excited about, given your avatar.
  3. cheers moutain man but whats ms web page??? and the oce list and how i find it cheers for the info on courses
  4. You got no Courses clerk?
  5. Smiler, are you on ArmyNet? If so, look under top left hand tab under career. MS Web is on the left. As for courses, which courses in particular? PAM 1 under ARTD in the has a list but let me know what in particular your wanting to do.