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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Wouldn't it be helpful if there was an online, searchable (including by date) list of courses?

  2. Yes. Yes it would.

    Are you just mulling it over, or is there some exciting news afoot?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Just mulling it over, as I am self-employed and have to fit the TA around my work commitments, not the other way round - which I appreciate would make the TM's life a lot easier ;)

    Perhaps someone from armynet will read this, take it up and run with it.

  4. Yes that would be useful, its fine for guys to bleat on and say "Get the course book of your psi" but some units simply dont have them. The mod spent a fortune on Dii, its about time it got used for more than solitaire and email
  5. is it not aleady on DII?

    My PSI looked up a course electronically - god knows where though!

    Sadly the Army's mania for sticking 'RESTRICTED' on everything probably means it will never see the light of day.

    How do regs find out about courses?
  6. Quote:

    "is it not aleady on DII?

    My PSI looked up a course electronically - god knows where though!

    Sadly the Army's mania for sticking 'RESTRICTED' on everything probably means it will never see the light of day.

    How do regs find out about courses?"

    It is available on the Intranet - your PSI probably got it from there.
  7. Humour me here, because i probably should know this.

    What is the intranet and now we have JPA and DII logins will we be able to look at it?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    DII will get you onto the intranet.

    And to answer your next question, no you have to use the PCs in the TAC, you can't do this from home.

  9. Does two weeks in Castlemartin not appeal? :wink:

    Not much better for them unless things have changed recently. They go directly or indirectly to their Coy / Sqn 2ic, who piles through booklets. But how do they know - outside the obvious STA & promotion cses - what courses are available to actually ask about? They don't. Can their Coy / Sqn 2ic search by date, rank or specialism? No.

    IT has arrived, in that you can look at the course booklets as .pdfs. Not actually easier than the paper equivalent.

    < Tangent Mode >

    This is exactly why the army has so many blokes with the time, quals and inclination for courses, keen to get on them, units keen for their guys to get on courses, and establishments wondering why everyone complains about them but never seem to turn up.

    Great isn't it. Don't worry, your unit - like most TA units - would struggle with MTDs to send you on on a "nice to have" one anyway. Ho hum.

    However, the best practical advice I can offer - go to your PSI / PSAO in a spare hour, ask nicely for the booklets and go through them yourself. Make a wishlist and give copies to your Tp Ldr, the Sqn Trg Offr and PSI. Mention it alot, and don't be afraid to pester. Even better speak to people at the trg establishment in question and learn as much as you can about it. You then have great answers to the inevitable questions "Whats it all about?", "Why should we send you?", and "How do we go about it?".

    Bit of a tiresome process, but worth it in the end. Like good AT expeditions all the effort and persistence pays off if you're successful. I've known people get on parachuting courses, Italian mountaineering courses, go on attachment to random sister regiments abroad by doing the leg work, persuasion & being prepared to do a deal.

    Those who never ask and put the effort it are likely to get the courses they need, and no more.

    Worth a try.

  10. Most course dates can be found on RLI, access to this network is via several systems such as TANET, Land ICSS(R), REEBOK, DII, DII(FD), LDCN, J1/J4 IOS etc
  11. Don't suppose you'd be good enough to provide a link dear boy (only usefull to us 'lucky' individuals to have access to the RLI of course).
  12. msr

    msr LE


    I'm going out on a limb here, but the pdf must be compiled from a database. Having written a small online database and searches it is a v. simple task to web-enable it.

    You could then ensure that the db has all the latest amendments, stick it on armynet (blanking the restricted courses of course) and Robert is your mother's brother.

    Just a list of course titles, dates and rank required would be sufficient.

  13. A description of the actual course would be handy too. Sometimes those titles are a little misleading...
  14. Agreed (feck, that must be a first).

    It might be handy to have any special requirements on there as well, especially in terms of other courses you have to have completed before being allowed on this one.

    For example, I don't think you can go straight to CBRN Instr without having done Ack Instr, but you can go direct onto BCDT without previous quals?

    I may be wrong on the fine detail of this, but you see from whence I come?
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Yes, as part of the ongoing mulling process, I reckon the following fields should be included:

    Title of course
    Description of Course
    Rank required
    Course pre-requisites

    ArmyNet has a real opportunity to position itself as a prime facility for the TA.