Course Accomodation at RSA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by doubleduck, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody know if you can access wifi when in the Course Accomodation (Sgts Mess) going on a course soon and cant live without internet.
  2. And having never dona a course as a senior rank what is the mess accomodation like? Hopefully better than that in Blandford.
  3. Accom is dire to say the least. Two options - all ranks vomit covered hole opposite the CIS branch or a Sgts Mess 'annex' (yeah right!) next to the recruits accomodation.

    The most important thing though is to ensure when walking into mess for breakfast you shout (at the top of your voice) to the solitary occupant "Good morning Sir!" as the never-made RSM WO1's like to feel superior. Master Driver if you're reading this - your lecture was the worst I've ever attended in 22 years service. Stick to the oils and lubes you illiterate fat waster.
  4. Thanks for the answer what are the rooms like in the mess annex? and does anybody know if you can get wifi internet?
  5. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I am afraid that there is no current WiFi access at the RA Sgts mess. It is however in the process of being brought in. The time scale for this will exceed your course though.
  6. Thanks GQ for that bit of news. So what is the accom like for course personell in the mess?
  7. The mess annex is refurbed recruit accom with 4 man rooms. Not bad but there's a bit of a tab to go to scoff.
  8. it's the two man showers i would look out for. Very strange set up.
  9. as for better than blandford i have just done time down there and the food accomadation and the mess in general is a lot better at blandford.
  10. thats good then having done 8 weeks in blandford (temp accom on car park!) thats the state of the Royal Signals Corps Mess aswell!
  11. 7911bell

    PM with your dates mate, can use my internet or give me a phone
  12. Cheers matey check ur PMs
  13. I will take heed of your advice and shout very loud on my entrance into the dining room for breakfast.........mmmm
  14. it's not the's the rank.....if you're not curteous enough to pay the correct compliments maybe you shouldn't be a mess member!!