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Hopefully some one will help. Im off on a civve course in Bromsgrove - it is a pre-requesite for an up-coming Falkland Islands tour, so I am not doing it by choice.
I am looking for accomodation and have been told by the RAO staff, that i need to have transit non-availability certs from every military camp within 50 miles. So potentially I could end up travelling 100 miles a day.
If i dont get these certs and book a hotel for the duration (3 nights) i cant claim it back on JPA.

Can anyone help with this - even a JSP referance to look at so I can see the rules for myself.

Many thanks
I think they get their ACR grade by how much money they can save!!
Accomodation is a big thing at the minute, if there's even a toilet shed free anywhere within 50 miles you won't get a hotel trust me.
Sounds like someone is fishing for an MBE in your RAO mate. If they do insist on putting you under a sheet of wriggly tin 49 miles away, FFS do NOT use your own motor. Get them to hire you one for the duration. Cnuts.
Cheers for the replies, I dont think they are fishing for an MBE. its just the way they are!!
As IS, I suppose I could change their DII passwords every morning and give it back to them at 5 o clock! :twisted:
If you telephone Lichfield Support Services, they deal with accom around that area they will give you a non availability chit, their number is 01543 434315/ mil 94424315.
I know the feeling as trying to book courses myself for resettlement and feel like I have to jump through hoops just to try to get accom near where i am training rather then travel 3 hrs daily.
Hope this helps.
You need to get a JPA Form F008 (Non-Availability Certificate of Service Accommodation/Messing) signed by the Garrison/Bde HQ of where the course is being held. Once you have this, book hotel accomm through mil itary hotel booking system (used to be CHBS, can't ememberwhat it changed to earlier this year). I have just done it, with no porblems whatsoever.

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