Courier service from uk to germany

I have got 4 pieces of small machinery at my parents in the uk. I need them here in Germany. They weigh 90kg, 70kg, 60kg and 20kg. They need picking up, potentially packing / palletizing and dropping off at JHQ.

Does anyone know of a service, maybe a removals service who could accommodate what I need? I have tried M+S shipping, but they want £450 PLUS vat!

Any help please!
So you think that price is a bit on the high side eh?

90kg will need two people to pack it and then load it onto whatever Vehicle
is to be used, never mind the rest of the load.

The Vehicle needs to be hired along with the Driver and probably the Driver's
mate, the Fuel needs to be provided, Ferry/Rail crossings need to be paid.

What happens at the Delivery point when unloaded, what if there is no back

£450 is very, very, cheap.

Our Company charge in excess of £500 to deliver a load from Yorkshire to
anywhere inside the M25.

Work it out yourself....3 days Pay for Driver...9-12mpg for the Veh.
I could go on.....hire a van and get it yourself!
Failing that what would it cost to hire a van? You could organise a trip, who ever you get to do it could stock up on duty free on the return leg

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