Libya has agreed to disclose and dismantle all weapons of mass destruction in a move hailed by Tony Blair and President Bush as a significant, historic and courageous decision.

"Lets just hope the US/UN do not have to find them themselves though" otherwise it would be historic as it could take another 30 years !! who's next to come out of the closet the welsh :!:
so when do we get rid of ours not like they any bloody use we fight any war which comes along and trident cruises around doing bugger all whats the point ?
When are Israel going to make this sort of decision?

I see Sharon has finally pissed off Big Brother as well 8O
Say what you like about old Muammar el Ghaddafi - he's a politician first and foremost. Remember all the bluster in the 70's and 80's with US F14s tangling with MiGs on a weekly basis in the Med? He was Reagan;s No.1 Bogey-Man in those days. Remember all that Libyan kit turning up in NI? You don't hear much about that these days...
He's seen which way the wind's blowing and decided he likes his job and doesn't want to end up in a hole in the desert with a crap beard.
My dealings with the land of SPLAJ (Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahariya) date back to the early 80's and they were less than convivial, but pressure was applied and he always backed down just enough not to get slotted.
Other State leaders in hot, sandy places could do a lot worse than study his methods.
Israel is unlikely to admit to having nukes, let alone give them up.

If Saddam has armed his Scuds that hit Israel in 1991, with chemical or bio weapons, an Iraqi city would have experienced an unscheduled sunrise.

One story goes that in 1973, when Egypt and Syria caught Israel on the hop and the war was not going quite Israel's way, Golda Mier and Moshe Dayan considered using the biggest stick. Fortunately, Israel's second biggest stick (Ariel Sharon) was recalled to the Army, took an armoured division across the Suez Canal, blitzed an Egyptian Army and probably would have reached Cairo if the Superpowers didn't step in.

The big stick went back in the box, General Sharon retired again, ate lots of pies.........
I thought Israel had already admitted that it had instant sunshine?? Wasn't there a big hoo-ha about it in the 70's??

Anyway, unfortunately, I dont think it really matters what the leaders of these governments do, there are always some extremist idiots who want to have a go at the Big Satan :x
Big ho ha was circa 86 when an engineer ( a mechanic who can do hard sums) involved in Israel's nuclear research, called Mordechai Vanunu spilled the beans and the Sunday Times went critical (pun!). Vanunu was lifted by Mossad in a sting in Rome shortly afterwards. Class!

Vanunu only confirmed what ARRSE types knew and he got rather a lot of time under nourishment and stoppage of cheese for his trouble.

The IAF bombed Iraq's only reactor in 1981(?) rather than let Saddam gain a weapons benefit from "peaceful" nuclear applications. I hear that the French supplied that reactor so there will be few dissenting voices, even from those who usually dis' Israel.

Israel's Armed Forces are second to none and the senario where their big stick is actually used not just waved is unlikely. Ariel Sharon may struggle in a BFT at gusting 80, but his hiers and successors make Guderian and Meyer look like US National Guardsmen.

I'd rather Israel had nukes than its near neighbours.
True enough - everyone likes to kick the Israelis at the moment, and UK plc is not at all keen. However, Irsrael has been surrounded by foes doctrinally committed to its destruction since its inception. As a nation they have been hardened over decades of fighting literally for their national survival - a situation we only truly experienced between 1939 and 1942...1982 they lost the moral high ground by embarking on preemption by invading Lebanon...but if you look at the people with whom the Israelis are at war, ask yourself, can you blame them...?
Iraq...but not any more!
Lebanon...Syrian annex, and full of Iranian revolutionary Gaaardsmen
And such Palestinian luminaries as Abu Nidal, Yasser Arafat, Hamas, Hizbollah etc, who's gallant conduct (pushing wheelchair bound pensioners off cruise ships, machinegunning olympic athletes, blowing up civ airliners etc) havew endeared them to human righrs activists the world over.
Bollocks to them all!

With me, troops? Israels nukes have kept A-rab ambitions in check until suffiecient political change has occurred for the security situation to de-escalate. And the reemoval of Saddam was a key part of this.
Can't argue with any of that, GU-B. You know, I have the feeling that Qadafi is feeling his age. For all of these years he's been dreaming of the green revolution, but probably watching 'Dallas' on his satellite TV (like the East Germans that were) and yearning for some of those US dollars everyone's talking about.
Libya - good territory for all the oil majors now. Watch the CRGs/Armor/Global/Olives scrambling for it, too.
Worth looking at for the Israeli Army’s perspective (in English for those who don’t read Hebrew!)

This next link is a plane spotter's porno. Loads in Hebrew. English version icon is very small but on the home page.

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