Courageous Admission by the Andrew

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. After a hard days sailoring, there's nothing they like better than to slip into a hoop and wriggle.
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  2. Thought those Navy boys preferred another mans hoop!
  3. I read the headline and it sounded gay.

    Then I clicked on the link, saw the picture and realised that it was much, much gayer than the mention of 'hoops' led me to believe.
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  4. Thank fuck there is no Gay Sapper in there.

    Gay Archer P1041 Vosper 20 August 1952 Sold on 24 July 1963
    Gay Bombardier P1042 Vosper 28 August 1952 Sold on 26 July 1963
    Gay Bowman P1043 Vosper 6 November 1952 Sold on 24 July 1963
    Gay Bruiser P1044 Vosper 19 December 1952 Sold on 31 January 1962
    Gay Caribineer P1045 Thornycroft 22 January 1953 Sold on 31 July 1963
    Gay Cavalier P1046 Taylor 23 January 1953 Sold on 25 July 1963
    Gay Centurion P1047 Thornycroft 3 September 1952 Sold on 31 January 1962
    Gay Charger P1048 Morgan Giles 12 January 1953 Sold in January 1967
    Gay Charioteer P1049 Morgan Giles 12 June 1953 For disposal on 14 November 1971
    Gay Dragoon P1050 Taylor 28 January 1953 Sold on 31 January 1962
    Gay Fencer P1051 McGruer & Co Ltd 18 February 1953 Sunk on 10 April 1968
    Gay Forester P1052 McGruer & Co Ltd 23 March 1954 Sold on 31 January 1962
  5. Imagine being some old codger telling your grandchildren of your Naval service. Erm, yes, Henry, I commanded a heavily-armed fast patrol boat in the Royal Navy. Oh, it's name, erm, it was the HMS, erm, the hms gay bruiser.
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  6. Is that internal or external?
  7. Isn't being gay or a splitarrse a pre-requisite these days for the Senior Service?
    Just wait until 2017 when they launch HMS Iron Fister.
    Oh, how Admiral Lord Neslon must spinning in his barrel.
  8. What, the Admiral whose last words were a request for a snog off of a hairy-chested sailor type?

    I don't think he'd mind.

    Anyone spot what replaced the Gay class?

    Dark Intruder has to be the most dildo-sounding name for a ship in naval history.
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  9. Edge of Darkness... seems a bit black to me.. go to the end of a river and discover... black... ouch.
  10. Jack just doesn't help himself sometimes . BTW I quite like Dark Hussar
  11. Because that's a given!
  12. You might just be a little bit harsh on the noble Admiral, because nobody can actually agree what his famous last words were.

    They were either:

    a) Kiss me, Hardy


    b) kiss my Hardy

    Either way .....................
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  13. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    Another RN media clusterfuck apparently aimed either at dimwits in a literal sense or the gay community in an ironic sense.

    I'll go for the latter as there's more suppressed homoerotic tension in the article photo than in Oliver Stone's 'Alexander.'