Courage in the face of the enemy?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Countrylad, May 2, 2005.

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  1. talking about cowards, who remebers a certain American on ULOTC's camp in brecon last year who did a runner when they got bumped in harbour?
    The way I heard it was like this...
    Our young American friend from the ROTC, let's call him necklace(in-joke i apologise), is asleep in his basher on morning whilst out on ex with an athlone platoon when all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and the harbour is attacked.
    Our brave defender of American democracy abandons his basher and moves into cover. Then hurtling over his head comes a smoke grenade landing a metre or so from him. With this grenade posing such a danger to his personal health and blank rounds in danger of 'greasing his ass' he decides the time has come to run away. He jumps up unleashes a whole mag on auto grabs a entrenching tool (i sh1t you not, that was all he took) and does a runner.
    Later his platoon (not in the slightest p1ssed off, i assure you) upon quizzing him as to why he took off were amazed with our Ranger qualified friend's reply which was
    'Hey i 'aint no fool n*gger, when the sh1t goes down you gotta get your ass outta there' Obviously it is true, rangers do lead the way.
  2. ROTC cadets cannot be Ranger qualified.Are you talking about the Ranger challenge?
  3. rotc cadets can be ranger qualified if they were regulars before they went to uni. granted the guy who was ranger qualified was not the same cadet mentioned before. and the ranger guy had more badges than a boy scout
  4. I swear that bloke was on our **** camp two years ago. Called everyone nigger and was sh1t at everything. Kept trying to start fights, eventually the CO told him he was getting kicked off the ROTC system. Apparently there's more than one of him, or he's wormed his way back in.
    Give them their dues, they are good for a laugh.
  5. could be, he was wearing a ranger badge.

    He further covered himself with glory on camp FTX. XII troop were doing their last stand on the round-robin part of the ex on the first day, the artillery stand (though what it had to do with artillery is beyond me). Again not present but close by, I was in the rear at the time (i'm a REMF and proud) guarding, well sitting on Fauna.
    Anyway our brave hero, necklace, defender of western values and democracy, was with his section being moved up to the front of our attack on the enemy's position.
    You can imagine the scene...bodies everywhere, bullets zipping by, mortar shells landing kicking up dirt...well not quite more like some blanks and smoke grenades again. But that's what it must have been like for our 'All American Hero' in the best traditions of disgrace and dishonour he refused to soldier.
    One of our plucky toms dis-heartned by one of our American brethren's display of yellow tried to ever-so gently(get a f**king move on you f**king pr1ck or i'll tear you a new one) suggest that he get moving towards the ungodly Welsh Liberation Army hordes (well a couple of third years) however our brave yank decided that the weight of fire and ugliness of the enemy was too much and could not go on.
    A to-do followed and our brave colonial friend suddenly found somewhere in his yellow cowardly soul a spark of heroism and brandished a knife and tried to attack one his fellow soldiers whom apart from an SA80 and some blanks was unarmed. Luckily the tommies managed to overcome this giant of a man and he was dragged off by DS with the air suddenly turning blue.
    But fear not necklace, should you ever visit our fair isles again with your cowardly hide XII troop will be happy to meet you again, in a vack alley in Camden where we'll happily show you our knives.
  6. And was he sacked?

    I had a similar experience two summer's ago while on exchange. An ROTC cadet refused to assault a bunker with me. Fair play to him, we were wearing Miles gear, and the beep is quite high pitched for those with sensitive ears. Anyway, this chap wasn't content with one and three quarter sections worth of fire support, he wasn't moving from behind his tree. I swear I have never seen anyone's eyes look that large, round and white. The boy was petrified and wouldn't move for hell or high water. The assault was completed without him, needless to say, but it is a sobering thought that he is now an Lt in his nation's army.
  7. I'm not sure if he was sacked, but he was allowed to rejoin the troop, although the whole troop refused to let him sleep in the troop shelter until he had been comprehensively dis-armed, it was suggested including KFS!

    I imagine he had been reading Flashman, hence where his brave antics came from. Though without wishing to heap disrespect on the American nation at large, there are some very brave Americans, I never seen a Brit on exercise refuse to attack a position, i have seen them refuse to tab etc.. but never attack, can anyone disprove this?
  8. 8O
    I've seen some barking madness on attacks in the TA and regulars and once even had a puch up with my partner on a live attack after the knunt put 7.62 rounds near my feet and head :cry:
    the ds respons was kick him again but he was scottish :lol:
    never heard of anyone being afraid of blanks madness shere madness
  9. The problem was though maybe slightly defensive, and definitely american in his drinking habits (oh no if I have another one i'll be drunk, oh this is snakebite and black is it alcoholic? Nah mayte, its blackcurrant juice...) necklace was a good bloke in the bar interesting informative and pleasantly argumentative w/o being wound up. Shame about his ability to carry kit with him...
  10. does anyone remember the stupid septic who decided it was a good idea to try and drink the fijians under the table?! was a painful night for him and not surprisingly he lost. anyone know if we have the joys of the yanks this year?
  11. come on chaps, we must have some more tales of dishonour before the enemy? No...ok then its time to tell one of mine again.

    There was once a young lad, let's call him the wiltshire warrior, on ex on Salisbury plain in and around Imber village. Now our young heroic lad was full of himself that weekend evidently pleased that he was in fact a couple of miles from his home and looking forward to sunday morning when his parent s would turn up with bacon butties (they never did by the way).
    One of the activities of this weekend included our young wiltshire warrior going with his troop on a man-pack rebro at night, which they duly did going off at night and setting up on a wooded hilltop.
    Now, our hero was put on stag alone as there were only six bods in the rebro. For twenty minutes on his 2nd stag he scannned the area using his all-singing all-dancing CWS when suddenly quarter left at twenty yards he saw a moving shape no more than a couple of feet high and a metre long making growling noises coming in his direction.
    The young lad sensing danger saw that the object in fronty of him was in fact a bl00dy great big badger intent on savaging him there and then. Our lad, being of a rural disposition (rural soldiers are the best by the way) knew that badgers are bloody vicious.
    Did he stand his ground and scare the badger off? Did he attempt to attack and drive it off? No, he ran just like his hero Flashman always said you should. Running about 20-25 metres our now terrified wiltshire warrior hit the ground looking frantically around with the aid of the CWS he could see nothing but to his utter horror he could hear the giant savage beast crashing through the undergrowth jaws slavering with the thought of human flesh.
    Again our brave hero fled with cries of 'oh...sh1111t! somebody help me! Get this f**king thing away from me' Until he ran head first into one of ULOTC's finest PTIs whom as it happened was also running away from a strange badger-like character. The two lads returned to their harbour knowing that strength in numbers would be key if they were to survive the night ahead.

    Could be good for a OTC remake of Dog soldiers - Badger soldiers
  12. just a quick one. me and a lad were doing enemy one evening so that the good guys good do a ctr on an old farm building

    the landrover drops us off, and in the half light we walk down to the place. i make my way over to a bush to a curl one down, and I was greatly helped in this action by the unexpected sounds of the crow letting rip with his gat over at the building.

    turns out he'd gone to walk in and a few frightened sheep had run out, so he'd held his nerve and emptied a mag of blanks in to them. he didnt stop shaking until I sent him back to the rover to get a brew.

    to be fair though, I heard he did well when the shit hit the fan on telic
  13. A guy in my section called Fitzy had a bad habit of waking up in the night and giving these god awful screams while fighting imaginary enemies. Not a problem back in barracks but you can imagine my terror when, on my way back from the stag post, I see the guy writhing out of his sleeping bag, fighting with his basha, dragging his webbing and making these strange strangled squeals. You know, like when a she-fox is getting it from a well endowed he-fox...

    It didn't get better when he promptly turned towards me and cocked his rifle.

    Fortunately he woke up at this point and I was able to calm him down sufficiently to get back to sleep. Very odd.