Courage in retirement - M Parris

Speak out now, or forever hold your peace. Trident, Heathrow, Obama, Iraq: if you think things will go wrong, don't wait until you are out the loop before you say so.

So many targets, so little time. Parris with one of his pithy pieces which will undoubtedly be requoted in exactly one years' time when it has all come to pass. My three favourites are Iraq: monstrous political naivete displayed by the State Department, leading to a failed state after x years of throwing away American, British and other Allied lives; Afghanistan: oh come on, be serious; and Obama: Snake Oil Sold Here.

Cynicism? Yes. But what else can you expect with the set of vile political professionals we're saddled with now? Notice that PoD didn't sign that letter. Embarassed?
Could be. He's achieved quite a bit more as a journo, though, despite (or because of?) his funny walk.

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