Courage from a 4 year old amputee - Please read

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by SuperTed, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. A friend at work put me on to this one. I'll stress right from the outset that it is not for a Forces Charity but an offshoot of BLESMA. Once I read the article I thought it should be publiscised.
    In summary, three generations of one family were hit by a bus that mounted a pavement in SW London in Apr 2007. The Grandmother died at the scene, the mother was pinned to a wall by her legs and was conscious throughout, her four year old daughter suffered such trauma to her right leg that it had to be amputated.For anyone that has children the nightmare that this mother must have endured is almost unthinkable.

    The link to the mothers Just Giving page is:
    She hasn't reached her target figure anyone want to help?
  2. Worthy of a Good Bumping for the foreseeable future...

    Our heart goes out to the little girl and her Family...
  3. batsard, batsard, batsard
    damnably dusty here
    i feel an overwhelming urge to go home and cwtch the kids
  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Sarahs Just Giving page is till off her target. Can any Arrsers help, even a quid or two can help! Thanks
  5. Super Ted:

    Thanks for posting that. I would like to paypal or credit card a few bucks over from my side of the pond. I looked at the website and could not find a place to click. Any guidance? It could be Opera browser is not showing something or just that it does not work in the US.

    It got a bit dusty in my office today and I had to finish the article at home. My reaction tied in to the fact that 24 years ago when my son was the same age he had an accident, not as bad as Pollyanna but fractures of skull, collarbone and one vertabra. Very scary for a few days. The help from their friends reminded me of a night in intensive care when a friend arrived at midnight with two different sandwiches, soft drink and crisps in case I got hungry. I must say the UK police seemed a bit more helpful than US cops would be shuttling the dad back and forth. (by the way, the son is fine with no after effects, but for along time I could not discuss his accident without tearing up)

    One positive note: I watched a half hour show last night on a US Army hospital and the truly amazing bionic limbs they are making for our wounded troops. Like a bionic hand that can grab a grape and pluck it from the stem but not crush the grape. Our military hospitals are doing a super job. You know this technology invented by the US military will eventually spread out to all who need it. Maybe Pollyanna wil do ballet!

    Ted - make sure you tell me where to click!
  6. David, the start page should look like this. It does so in Firefox:

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  7. Thanks Para Medic

    The donate now box did not show on Opera but showed up using Safari

    Will click it

    Thanks again
  8. David,

    Did you manage to get the page working ok?
  9. I did get it working with Safari. I have to wait til home to click the "Donate" button as I forgot my PayPal password.

    Thanks for posting this by the way. With all the advances now is a good time to help as I am sure the new legs and arms will end up being costly.