Couple told to stop sending parcels to Stan.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. But the Ministry of Defence has said that the troops have enough resources and has told the pensioners to stop sending parcels, claiming that the extra transport needed to take them to the soldiers could put servicemen's lives at risk.

    In April they were presented with the Adjutant General's Commendation for Meritorious Service. The Adjutant-General is the second most senior staff general in the Army after the Chief of the General Staff.

    The Ministry of Defence said it "strongly discouraged" members of the public from sending parcels and urged people to make donations to the "endorsed service charities".

    In a nutshell, someone has decided that this couple are clogging up bfpo sacks therefore they should donate their cash instead to service charites.

    Will wait for the official response to appear.
  2. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    So if they stop sending these parcels does that mean that the MOD can utilise the money for essential equipment instead? Or would it go straight back into the pocket of our politicians? :roll:
  3. For some reason I cant get the page to do bold. Anyhow, I am shocked and outraged. In addition to the shortage of choppers in Afghastlystan, the MOD is now apparently using the Posties bike for operations. Ye Gods!!!

  4. Mmmmmmm…

    Did not Ainsworthless and the Porridge Wog claim we had an abundance of suitable transport?
  5. It is not just this couple.

    The MOD has been asking people not to send parcels for weeks and have asked that they donate to charities instead.

    It has reached the point where well intentioned people are clogging up the system and it will only become worse in the run up to Christmas.
  6. By 8th\9th June 1944 post was arriving the day after is was sent from the UK to troops in Normandy according to the diaries I have read.

    Considering the scale of troops involved then and now I do wonder where we're going wrong.
  7. During the same sort of period, my step-dad who was in Burma was getting a letter once a month, considering the scale of troops involved then, i wonder what were doing so right now :roll:
  8. Parcels yes but who reads their 4 hours a day worth of letter writing?

    Letters and photos from hot chicks and horny munters - yes

    By the way, BFPO 15 is Herford not Curry Rivil Village in case Chubb or any of the gang want to send the couple a 'we love you' letter on behalf of troops in Afghanistan.
  9. Have a look at a map of the world and look where Normandy is in relation to UK compared to Afghanistan, its in the same place it was in June 1944, an hour across the channel.
  10. Every year there are many soldiers who do not receive presents from their families in time for Xmas because the system has been clogged up with packages sent by well meaning but ill informed people such as this couple.

  11. The MOD could actually try getting off it's arse and putting some ads on TV telling people who they could help through the appropriate channels…
  12. Yip you are right, but then these ill informed people have dispatched over 6000 parcels in two years.
  13. And are helping to clog up the system. :wink:
  14. Western if a system gets clogged up through out the year, not just leading up to xmas then surely to goodness how did BFPO survive.