Couple of TST questions


I've done a bit of research and apparently the TST is a multi-answer test, and you also have a calculator for it. I have the TST brief from my recruiter but it says nothing about a calculator.

I'm just wondering, if the test is completely calculator surely there is no need to revise long multiplication/division and things like that, as surely you'd just use the calculator for them questions. And if it's multi-choice answer, that means you don't have to show your working out.

Could anybody clarify a bit? Thanks.


Not all questions require a calculator, unless your a complete idiot.
It is worht revising methods of division/multiplication etc. for fractions/decimals.
Also freshen up on your Means/Modes etc.


done this just a short while ago, YOU DO GET A CALCULATOR and a ruler, pencil rubber etc. but you don't need to use them! as previously mentioned a calculator won't help you with algebra so use your head and revise the things that you can't use a calc. for.

p.s. good luck mate


Sweet. And the test is completely multi-choice answer? So you don't have to show your working out, but just circle an answer right?


Well write the answer in a box (A B C D or E) yeh but some questions need working out so you get a scrap bit of paper


Cool, thanks for the help. Lets me refine my revision down a tad bit, algebra and fractions are of particular focus I think.

On my list is says to focus on:

- Fractions
- Decimal Calculations
- Directed Numbers and Brackets
- Indicies
- Symbolic Expressions
- Algebraic Fractions and Factorisation
- Algebraic Fractions
- Ratios


Here's a tip I wish someone had told me. - All the questions are easy as long as you remember how to do them. So I would advise revising everything and knowing how to do everything as oppose to only revising a few topics but being good on them.

The test is basically 2-4 easy questions on each topic.

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