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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Piehead20k, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. 'ello guys, I'm new around these parts, been having a look around the forum for a few days and you seem like pretty good chaps.

    Anyway listen up, i have been thinking about joining the regulars for a while now. I popped down to my local careers office, spoke to the guy in there about applying. He gave me the right stuff to get me started, you know, all the papers etc. I've set my goals on applying for the RAMC as a combat medical technician, however he recommended that i selected a second choice to avoid dissappointments and all that jazz. I am thinking about the Air Corps.

    If anybody could give me a few pointers and maybe a bit of insiders (or outsiders) knowledge on the daily life of a CMT or Air Corps soldier I would really appreciate it. I have filled in most of the app. form, but i can't send it off until i grab myself a new passport, so i have until then to decide.

    Cheers lads! :)

    P.S i apologise if this sort of thing has been posted elsewhere, from what i can see there are a few similar posts but none have exactly what i want. thanks a lot!
  2. Yeah i have visited the army site quite a lot, trying to find out exactly what goes on. Some first hand experience would be great, if anyone would care to share.

    Thanks for the info anyway Bradders 8)
  3. You can speak to serving soldiers in the online careers office - and IIRC they have some CMTs there...
  4. Yeah i have tried the Online Careers Office, they guys and girls there aren't all that talkative, just a few "yes" and "no's". I understand the fact that they are busy with other people at the same stage as me. Is there any chance you could push a few bits of info my way regarding the actual medical training that CMT's have to go through? You know, the whos, whens, wheres, how longs etc. I would apreciate that :)
  5. As a reccy mech, I don't have much info regarding CMT training... try posting in the ''Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC'' board...
  6. okay will do, thanks for the advice
  7. Im quite surprised you can read and write being a WRETCHED MECH :D

    Theres no worry in knowing too much about the jobs at this stage as you will get job briefs and descriptions at a later date, but go on the mentioned forumns for extra advice an have a look in the training wing on application procedures. I dont understand why you cant start your application without a passport as you dont need one so just fill out your AFCO 4, book a BARB test and get the ball rolling.
  8. I took lessons with my Continuity of Education Allowance... ;)
  9. there is one question, which asks for a passport number. obviously i can't send off the form with some questions not answered. My last passport expired May last year, and as i havent needed one since i didn't bother to renew it. I am trying to get it all sorted, the passport is going to cost £72 (one for each foot? :p) and with regards to the BARB test, they get back to me once i've sent in the AFCO 4.
  10. You DO NOT require a passport to do your application. As long as you have your Birth certificate and another form of ID. If you dont have a NHS No or NI No at hand they can be taken in at another time.

    Edited to say unless your an overseas applicant :!:
  11. onread the appl properly ONLY ENTER IF HELD ITS SAME WITH DRIVING License i never had passport its not even brought up in any of the application process you need to contact your ACIO
  12. okay thanks, ill give the recruiter a ring tomorrow just to make sure before i send him my application. cheers 8)