Couple of Shrivenham questions

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by pmc_abo, May 20, 2005.

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  1. I am currently overseas, and have not had the dubious pleasure of studying/working at this illustrious institution.

    I have an colleague officer who is due to start an MDA this Ocotber and he is currently interested to know the following..he's never been to UK before.

    1. What is the best way to find accom for him and his family, I have found a few estate agents websites for renting. Scary prices...thats the market for you. has anyone get any other suggestions/tips?

    2. is there a bank on campus, and if so is it LLoydsTSB/HSBC etc....

    3. coming back to the question of accom. apart from Swindon, anywhere else worth looking at (not from that part of world myself) for someone who needs accom at "fair" prices,

  2. If he's on the MDA course he should be able to get a quarter on the patch. As for banks, the local village has a Lloyds as far as I can recall. Shriv also has cashpoints in the messes.
  3. Some 'ex' quarters up for the taking in Carterton (Brize Norton), very competitve rents... 8O :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. No, he (along with a number of his other countrymen) need to find their own accom.
  5. Best in the area .... only 500 of your best beer tokens a month!! 8O go on, check em out you just know you want to ... click to link direct to Brize's Best!!! :wink: mind you, these are the ones they missed when they knocked the rest down.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. As has already been pointed out there is a Lloyd's TSB in Shrivenham village. Otherwise i imagine the other closest banks are Highworth, Faringdon and Swindon.

    Places to look for accomodation:
    Shrivenham, Watchfield, Highworth, Faringdon and Swindon i suppose!