Couple of quick Qs from an Ex Navy bloke

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Wafu, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, new to the forums but I've been reading them for quite a while and I've picked up loads of useful info.

    I served in the Navy (Fleet Air Arm) for eight years and I was wondering if my time served there would count towards my full 22 years service ? Or when I join up would that mean starting from scratch.

    I plan on joining up regardless, I've already been down to the AFCO and I was planning on speaking with a scary Windsor Davies type Sergeant hehe I was very suprised, the Sergeant I saw was a very nice bloke.

    I'm wanting to join the Household Cavalry but I wear glasses/contact lenses is that a prob? I never thought to ask when I was at the AFCO and the Sergeant never mentioned it.

    I was told I was over qualified haha, I was an Aircraft Technician in the Navy so I assume thats what they thought I'd want to do in the Army, I hated the job!

    Anyway cheers for reading that load of bollocks!
    Some of the things I miss the most about the forces are the banter and the sense of humour. Civvies eh.....
  2. If you can service a horse satisfactorily, I'm sure any eyesight problems would be overlooked. :)
  3. You will be a more experienced recruit (ie, bloomin old compared to a 17 year old!!), bnut this shouldn't stop you.

    With whatever quals you have, the Recruiting Team will recommend Jobs, but you should be able to request HCav (seems to be a popular choice recently...anyone want to be mates with a Prince?) as you are overqualified for it (as in more than capable of dealing with the training needed).

    Eyesight shouldnt be a drama, but confirm with the ACIO - I think someone asked a similar question before and it took a while for ARRSERs to get the answer - ACIO should know immediately.

    As for your service, it wont give you any kind of short cut, but again your experience may see you getting promoted quicker than the 17/18 year old next to you, presumably you have more maturity, experience, command initiative etc. It is one area to be very aware of - the agfe gap between you and most of your peers. If you can deal with that, then fine.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  5. Regarding the eyesight, it says not to wear contacts prior to joining but most people do, just wear and bring your glasses and sometimes use contacts too. Obviously you need to wear those gigs for shooting etc though. Wearing contacts would be advisable for things such as runs where glasses fall off. Duh. ;)
  6. Cheers for all the info lads. I thought I was blind until I saw the minimum eyesight requirements, seems Mr Magoo could still apply hehe.

    Still working on my fitness, running the 1.5 miler after an 800m warm up in just over 11 minutes I don't want the youngsters showing me up too much :lol:
  7. Some of todays youngsters are put to show by the old smoke, don't you worry about that one :D