Couple of questions

Hi my name's chris 31

I'm seriously thinking of joining up for light role infantry, was just wondering from when i send off my application form, what's the minimum time limit before i'd get to CIC? (obviously depending on passing medical and stuff).

The only problem is that i'm not at my physical peak at the minute.. Not fat or owt I'm 6"2 13st.. recently stopped smoking.. so was just wondering on time scales as i need to do some pretty hard training and need to know that i have enough time.

I know the age limit is 33 but was just wondering whether to start training before i send off my forms or will i have plenty of time after i've sent them.. cheers anyway mate

Don't really want to get caught out looking like an asthmatic pit pony in front of a load of 17 yr olds
Start training as soon as possible. Whether necessary or not (not knowing what your fitness is like already I can't say) it can't hurt.
My advice mate is yes start trianing, but don't go too mad. All you really need to start training is beable to run a couple of miles without collapsing in a fit at the end of it. Ideally you should be the fittest possible but don't forget they will train you and they expect improvement, so don't peak too early.

Concentrate on running but don't neglect pressups and sit ups, run frequently but not every night, don't run to far, no more than 5 miles and only do that once a week max. Oh and forget carrying weight, so here will advise running with bergans full of bricks but that is a bee line straight to a MD

Mate don't panic about fitness unless you fail the run on recruit selection
Nice one cheers for that mate, Don't think the running will be a problem, just got to sort my upper body strength out, and to do some weights as my arms could be stronger and it's affecting my press ups.. Also, What's the swimming test like at CIC?

Any answers would be appreciated

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