Couple of questions

Its been a long time, but i've finaly had my enlistment date for my choosen trade (Installation Technician, Royal Signals) in the Army - 6.09.07. After 2 Selection weekends in November - failed the first medical for a heart murmur!

Its been a bit misleading to say the least, one minute im going to Lichfield ATR for my basic, and then the next im going to Winchester - but its been confirmed that im going to Winchester.

I just wanted to know how I should prepare myself for September. Currently Im doing no physical activities, but last time i ran a mile and 1/2 run i did so in 09:12. I dont think i should worry about my running so much as I suppose I am built for it - chicken legs etc!

It's all good joining the gym etc, but I dont know what approach to take. Do I want to muscle up or is it best to keep the figure I have now (im dreading the PT kit!). I didnt do too bad on the Selection weekend, I did well on the pull ups (10), and i must have done ok on the meter read weights - but they never told me those readings - just said doesnt matter I passed.

Anyway, any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Another question actually, Im 26 years old, and on the selection weekend i was a good 5 years older than all the other lads there, was anybody else in this situation starting their basic training?


Keep your Cardio ticking over with running and to alternate also do some swimming.Reference Weight's,don't be doing any body building type stuff just use your own body weight i.e. Chin Up's,Press Up's and Dip's,you don't want to be putting on Body Mass because it will slow you down...

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