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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by roberto1986, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. hi, just joined the site. been browsing through it for months trying to find info i need. I have my BARB test on monday 22nd in stoke on trent, im slightly worried about it but not to much, the mrs is going to help me with fractions/decimals and all that becuase im awfull at maths. The next stage i am told is a pre selection day at stafford before you are invited to the actual ADSC wherever that is. Have been reading a lot about the adsc and the test you do, but im confused about these heaves, what exactly is a heave??? i have tried to search on here for it but to no avail. ALso, how long after the BARB test will i have to go to the pre selection day? then how long after that till i go to ADSC?

  2. A heave is a pull up on a wooden beam, palms towards you!

    I think the time between each process depends on your local ACIO mine was about a month between each of them
  3. ahhh right, thats what i call a pull up! i can do about 5, woudl that be ok you reckon? i could improve i suppose.
  4. Note the heave is on a wooden beam not a metal bar you can easily grip. They will be harder because you cannot grip the beam entirely and if the beam is sweaty it is very difficult indeed. I would suggest you need to be capable of doing 10 normal pull ups on a bar to be able to do 5 "heaves" on a beam.
  5. 5 is fine, you'll probably find that on the day you'll push out a few more because you'll be pumped full of adrenalin, I've not long done mine and they had a bowl of chalk that we all had to use to keep the beam from getting slippery. Don't worry too much about it, it's not as hard as you might think, as long as you keep training and have a few days off before the tests.
  6. Ahh right i see, better get practicing then. Teh jerry can test, is that how it sounds, 2 petrol jerry cans, one in either hand and run as far as you can?? i should be ok at that, got a good strong grip :)
  7. No, with the jerry can test you have to walk at the same speed as the PTi taking the test, it is a fairly slow pace! Also a bit of advice, go in the first group if you can because the jerry can test at ADSC is outside and they don't give you chalk for this one, therefore they get more and more slippery as the test progresses.
  8. Walk at the same speed as the PTI (a fast march) whilst carrying the two water (petrol is dangerous, its catches on fire you know!) jerrycans of set weight. There is a set distance to meet, If you drop out before then you are graded according to how far you covered. Good grip is what you need a bit of shoulder strength will also be of benefit to keep the cans away from your legs and avoid tripping over yourself.
  9. i have some jerry cans at home, will fill them with water and measure out 100 meters and keep practicing. I should be ok as iv lived on a farm all my life, two cans of water cant be any heavier than a bale of hay or a new born calf loool
    I just hope i pass the BARB first of all, going to give the selection my all, i want this so bad i cant explain. thanks for the help
  10. It should be 20 kg in each hand over 150 metres. Good luck with the barb but don't panic too much about it, it's not really a pass or fail, you get a score at the end of it and that score let's you know what jobs you can choose from.

    Good luck!!
  11. It's no different. The bar is slippery yes and on my pre selection I was the last one to use it, but I still managed 12 when the most I can do is around 12-13.

    Sorry if I sound so aggressive and it probably doesn't matter, but I was worried about the same thing and I actually thought it was easier for some reason, if not just as easy.
  12. Kin chalk, I remember when.......................

  13. on the "real" selection day, i have read about people having to be picked up from a train station and getting on a bus, if i have my own car can i drive to the base? also on the ADSC you have to take smart clothes for the interview, is there irons available to iron my stuff before the interview
  14. No Cars allowed....this is all in the Joining instructions your Recruiter will give you.
  15. You have to get picked up from the train station.
    As for the clothes, you should turn up in smart clothes (shirt and trousers).
    When it comes to getting ready for the interview you have about 20 minutes to get ready, bear in mind you will be covered in dirt because you would have just finished the grenade throwing. To answer your question there are no irons available but there are places to hang your suit.