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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 2girls1cup, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi arrse, i'm 18, from the South East and have started my application process. So far I have done my BARB, literacy and numeracy tests (doing well in each) and am just working on getting my medical form filled out by my GP (appointment monday).

    I have a couple of questions though, both which haven't really been answered (at least in full) after me using the search function.

    Firstly, is it rumour or hard FACT that a broken bone delays the process by exactly a year? I broke my jaw and sprained/broke my collarbone (can't remember) at the beginning of July this year. For the record, i've healed up perfectly and am doing the fitness tests well.

    Secondly, I was burnt earlier in the year (months ago) from a firework accident (fireworks not secured properly, fell over and fired into the crowd). It's healed up pretty well, but i remain with a patch of excema on my back. I've just started using a cream that is fuckin magic and healing it up good, however at this current moment it's on the bad side of things (for being excema). If i can stop fuckin scratching it, it should clear up latest in a month, but i'm struggling slightly. Big deal or not?

    Thirdly, what is dental practise like in the army? Is it about what you'd expect from an army or is it actually alright? My teeth have "passed the requirements" from medical, however I have a few slight problem. I have a fake tooth. Initially, while there was no tooth, the dentist had ran out of supplies to put the fake one in so he put a temporary one in for a few months until i got it done properly. It felt normal. While riding a motorbike, i pulled off my gloves with my teeth and it flew out lol. He put another temporary one it, again it felt fine. After he put the proper fake tooth in, it never felt like it was positioned in properly. Always weird. It also feels like i could pull it out if i tried hard enough or bit something hard enough. By the way, it's my front, right incisor. I am looking to get this replaced, but not in any rush to do so (i've had it over a year and can last a while longer). Secondly, a couple of teeth in my bottom row are out of place/slightly pushed back behind others (one is very slightly chipped) from being on the receiving end of a few punches. Again, it's nothing too major, but it's ******* annoying and I would like to get them sorted out somewhere down the line.

    Thirdly, what is after the barb/medical tests, it is the interview right?

    I know most of these questions are stupid & should be asked to my recruiter but I lost the phone number and i can't get down there for the next few days. Also, sorry for the lifestory lol.

    Replies appreciated/
  2. First off mate, well done for wanting to join up! its a career I probably should have stuck out for a bit but hey.

    second, no one here will be qualified to tell you regards medical problems etc. Just wait out for your service medical, good luck.

    third, you are pretty banged up for an 18 year old. Well done!!!
  3. Yeah thanks buddy i guess i've only just taken the first steps toward everything, but i'll get there eventually.

    Okay, well i guess that help out anyway so again thanks. What about the broken bones thing though, it isn't a fact then more of a rumour?

    :eye: really means a lot
  4. your welcome mate

    just a rumour as far as im aware, don't worry about it and it won't be worth mentioning to your recruiter/medic. Your healthy
  5. From everyone I've ever heard from who's broken a bone and is joining the army (surprising how many that is) they've all said it's 1 year from when it had healed, but you should just ask your recruiter and be honest about it all, end of the day don't report it they will catch you out whether it's now or on day 2 at phase 1 when they get your meds.
  6. Just as an opinion :),even though you will get some replies here, but your recruiter is the best to ask,at list you will get exact info,however I am not sure if is good or not to mention things,but as from my own experience ,my recruiter is a top 10 sgt. I will never go there hiding something, because I always had the impression that he was there to help me on my recruiting process ,and if is something that needs mentioning then he could advise you what to do, know after my own experience I am sure I could say that this guys are not there to fail you ,but to help ,so imagine hiding something and who knows ....,they might found about it latter will that look on you ...I will advise you to be honest ,but then again is up to you ,and... you could google it :) if you really want to find the phone number ,however is best to speak in person about this,so all the best to you and good luck :)
  7. Feck. Thanks for that, not all those people you know could be wrong (unless they're all from the same area as you and it's just 1 seargant that adheres to that rule (which i highly doubt)), so thanks for that. Still, by the time i get to Phase 1 probably would have been a year (almost 5 months ago already, could easy take 7 months right). Sorted?

    Yeah good advice mate, I'd never hide anything either. Can do a lot more harm than it can do good. In fact it was actually only today I read on arrse about the broken-bones-equals-bar-for-1-year thing. Still, i gotta fill it out on the medical forms anyway so I can't really hide it. I guess if it was a big deal the recruiting officer would have already asked though? Not a problem anyway, i'll bring it up next time i pay him a visit.

    Thanks for the help so far everyone, anyone else that wants to answer the questions that aint yet been answered/confirm existing answers?
  8. Hi,regarding your second question,teeth problem...I thought you could only have 2 missing ,but I stand to be corrected,however at the ADCS ,the doctor only had a quick look and asked few question that's was all.I don't know if in phase 2 you go thru more check up,maybe someone here could confirm this ...I wont really worry about this to much !
  9. The Army took 4 of mine out, (wisdom teeth, 1 in Belize, 3 in the UK) so i guess you can have more missing.
  10. hey sammie,do you think that maybe now they set some new rules?They don't say how many extra you could have missing after joining or after training :) but, I did understand that when joining you should not have more then 2 missing!? But who knows, it might not actually matter,I know I had to put this ,in my med forms , so why would they ask then?
  11. Do you mean actually missing or replaced? Cause I've got 0 missing and only 1 replaced, so it shouldn't be a problem either way. Anyway thanks for your answer :)

    Ah okay it's always good to hear personal stories related to my questions, helps clear things up, thanks!
  12. I have no idea, i know i had one tooth missing, (taken out at age 10 to make room for my front lower 4 teeth) and one crowned front tooth, and no wisdom teeth as yet. at 17, a wisdom tooth came through when in Belize, and the dentist struggled so much to remove, it, but managed to. 4 months later back in the UK, i had to report to a hospital, and they knocked me out, and removed the other 3 wisdom teeth before they broke through. maybe it all depends on what they are missing for? the one removed to make room for my 4 lower front teeth was because i have a small lower jaw and it is set to far back.
  13. Little update - got all my medical forms filled out by the GP today. Will call up tommorow morning and get an appointment with my recruitment officer. One step closer to army life :)

    Anyone else want to throw in some answers to some of my questions?

  14. nice one I hope that all works out for you, did you ask your recruiter about the deferral period after a broken bone?
  15. I had 4 teeth missing (pre-molars) when I joined up, mind you that was a looooong time ago! Army also took another 4 (wisdom teeth)!