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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by welshperson88, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, my names Ben and I'm a 21 year old male, just about to finish a history degree from Swansea University. I'm hoping to become an officer in either the Royal Welsh or the Welsh Guards. I have read up a lot about the application process/AOSB. My only problem is that I don't have any army type experience to put down on paper. I am very adventurous and go surfing every day even in the winter, and am very fit, but i don't have duke of edinburgh/UOTC experience etc. Would this be a problem or would I just need to show the required attributes at the AOSB?.

    I am going traveling from April - August 2010, would you guys suggest that I go through the selection process before I go, so that if I pass iIwould have a place in Sandhurst when I return, or if I fail experience that I could use in my second attempt, or would you recommend I wait until I come back so that I have more to talk about in the interviews etc?

    Thanks ;)
  2. I'm going through the application process at the moment and (assuming everything goes completely to plan) it is going to take 7 months from application to get through to AOSB and then another 2 or 5 months to actually get to Sandhurst. I don't know how usual this is but everyone I've spoken to suggests the process can take a long time so you may be best to try and get it done before travelling if you were hoping to go to Sandhurst fairly soon after you get back
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Not having any 'military' experience doesn't matter. It won't have any effect on your application.

    My advice would be to make contact with your local Army careers advisor ASAP and take his or her advice on how to proceed with your application. Certainly begin the process before you go travelling.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I have received a letter saying the ACA1 in my area will contact me shortly, so hopefully I will get to chat to her soon.
  5. Having interviewed numerous Potential Officers over the last few years I often wonder how they got through the RCB!! What we Infantry types are looking for is someone with the necessary grit and determination to lead our soldiers. I'm not really fussed if you were a CCF RSM, or completed your DofE helping out in a Mental Institution. But by the time you're interviewed Regimentally you need to be prepared. I look for someone who has broad experience and used their time at University or "Travelling" wisely.

    Surfing is a popular sport, but If you have bothered to get yourself qualified to Teach/Coach then I'd be more impressed. Likewise look at the Army website and focus on our core activities, both sports and Adventurous Training. Take time from your travels to go and get qualified in something we can use. Read contmeporary accounts of soldiering, Lord knows there are enough out there. Have an understanding of what makes our soldiers tick.

    If you're not already in the OTC, then at least take the time to go and familiarise yourself with them. This would be one of the first questions I'd ask when interviewing Graduate entries and you need to be confident in why you didn't join when you had the opportunity.

    Finally note that whatever your Careers Officer tells you, the Infantry do only take top third students at RMAS so be prepared for a fall-back position.
  6. Thanks for the reply mate, do these regimental interviews usually take place while you are at Sandhurst or before?
  7. Your ACA will give you the full picture. Once you've made contact then its worth asking if you could visit your potential home of the future. Most Regiments will host Potential Officers and certainly all your choices are currently UK based so it shouldn't be a problem. This is usually tied up by the Regimental Secretaries. This does not imply acceptance on their part. They will keep an eye on you at RMAS and when the time comes (Term 2) for you to sit the Regimental Boards then if you're "known" to them then it can help. There are no certainties however and even a "Sponsored" officer may not make it if he's not up to scratch.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Absolute bollocks! The infantry have been proudly commissioning 'bottom third' pond life for hundreds of years.
  9. I see, I have a lecturer who is former reg Royal Welsh, now TA, hopefully he could help me make contact.

    When you say using the travelling time wisely, what kind of things would you suggest?. I have mostly planned for overland travel/jungle expeditions etc etc, and not really planned for much volunteer work.
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    There is no pressing need for you to build orphanages or otherwise save the world whilst you are travelling; more that you should have used your time constructively to see and do interesting or adventurous things, rather than lying around scratching your arse. It's easier to demonstrate that you have what the army is looking for by organising an expedition to the source of the Orinoco (or the Thames, for that matter) than it is by becoming an international 'World of Warcraft' grand master...