Couple of questions about rejoining

I am due to rejoin, but arent getting many questions answered.

I left army under 2 years ago as Cpl on increment level 3. I have been offered the lower rank of L/Cpl on rejoin. Firstly Will i have to start again at the lowest pay level of L/Cpl? Secondly, will i have to go on the new pension scheme?

Any help would be appreciated.
As you are a Re Enlistment I believe that you have to go onto AFPS 05, although, you should take your previous service over with you, not to sure on the DROP you would be on. I work with recruiters and I process enlistments and re enlistments so I will pose the question to them and clarify the Pension Scheme.
:D Hello

I recieved an answer yesterday from pensions as follows "I can confirm that any serviceperson who enlists or re-enlists after 06/04/05 will automatically become a member of the recently introduced AFPS 05 scheme. A serviceperson who has preserved rights in AFPS 75 is entitled to aggregate the last period of such service with his/her new service under AFPS 05 on a year for year basis. They can also opt to keep the two periods seperate for pension purposes. I hope this is of assistance.
Further to my last, I have spoken to someone in the know re your DROP, it all depends on how much seniority you take over as a LCpl, i.e. if they give you 3 years you would go in as a level 3 LCpl and so on, however, if they start you from scratch, you would go in at level 1, you must confirm this in writting from the ACIO Re Enlisting you before you attest.


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