Couple of questions about joining the TA.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_Ag., Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi im considering joing the TA, but im super unfit ive spent the last 3 months trying to get fit but im failing badly.

    Im currently cycling a 12 mile trip twice a week and trying to run every day (work permitting, i sometimes have to do long hours :() The problem is im losing weight but dont seem to be getting fit, my 12 mile journey takes me 2 hours 15 minutes on a BMX (i ride to a skatepark :p) and in 3 months i havent managed to shave any time off it, the next morning my joints are sore and i generally dont feel any better for doing it. Ive increased my exercise to running when ever i can and choosing to lift heavier items at work when id usually throw them on a pallet truck.

    3 months ago i couldnt do a single push up, i still cant. Ive been to see my doctor and he has given me a clean bill of health, he says im overweight and unfit and i should exercise but thats where it ends, he;s always been useless though so i thought id ask here.

    Secondly im joining the TA for an adventure. Am i going to get it? Id like to do the same sort of stuff the real army do and maybe one day see active service. When it says i have to do a maximum of 27 days per year, whats the maximum and what sort of opportunies are going to come my way?

    I come from a big family of army guys, my brother and i were the first not to sign up (i did try tho!) and they all say the weekend warriors are a waste of time and i should join the real thing!! not what i want though, but i want to experience some of the same things a normal soldier would do, will i get this with the TA? my ill informed family dont think so.
  2. Check the TA Forum FAQ's, its a sticky at the top of the page.

    And if you arn't getting fitter or losing weight, you arn't working hard enough. Simple as. Excuses are like ********* in training, so you need to work BEFORE you go. :)

  3. I am losing weight, ive lost two stone and 4 inches on my waist, its just the work doesnt get any easier. Isnt that the point of fitness, that it does get easier?

    Ive been throught the FAQ and search, i found this which is quite cool.
  4. Praetorian, he said that he is losing weight but he's not getting fitter, although I do agree with you.

    If you're cycling 12 miles in 2 h 15 min you're doing something wrong. I'm just back from a run almost as long as that and it took me 40 min less. Try cycling a proper bike; I'm not taking the p1ss but you're probably not going to get any major exercise in on a BMX, they're not really designed for that kind of thing.

    Have you tried swimming? It's a good way to lose weight and build up many of your muscle groups at once.

    As for the pressups... I've never tried this but I've been told that if you have serious difficulty starting out you should do it on the stairs. Put your feet on the ground at the bottom and your hands on the step. Start off doing sets of 15 on the fourth step. Once you're comfortable with this move onto the third step. You get the idea.

    (edited to make the pressup bit clearer so nobody breaks their neck doing stair acrobatics)
  5. What are you considering joining, infantry or corps? That'll make a difference to how fit you need to be at the start, and how fit they'll work to get you in phase one training.

    I hate fittness training, and running and the gym but it just requires persaverence. You might actuelly be fitter than you think. I can't run a marathon but I have tabbed through some shite, so you never know.

    The unit you go to should have a PTI knocking about somewhere, so after you get in they can give you good, free advice and maybe even go running with you. After a couple of seassions, you might want to kill him though.
  6. My BMX is a big part of my life though, i ride at the skatepark a couple of nights a week and i thought riding there atleast once a week is a step up from driving. Ill never give it up!! might get myself a cheap mountain or hybrid bike though and get some proper cycling in. The bmx only has one gear so its just as much effort to go downhill than it is uphill so its a constant effort rather than being on a geared bike where you go get an easier gear to get me up hill etc.

    Not sure the difference between infranty and corps sorry, i know very little at the moment im just trying to get fit enough to go and see them and be taken seriously. My local "centre" is right behind my flat and is part of the 207 field hospital, thats all i know about it.

    Will try and do pushups tomorrow, will do sit ups etc too and see how i get on.

    Any thoughts on my other question?
  7. Mr Ag
    Firstly well done for wanting to join up. However there is only one way to get fit and that is to take some pain. Dont bother with BMX biking, you MUST run and MUST run until it at least hurts a little (hill running is what I swear by) to get your cardio vascular fitness up. As posts have siad, look at the websites.

    On the subject of weight there is only one way to lose weight EAT LESS. I turned from cross country to boxing (then back again since I was rubbish) and it did not matter how much running or trainiing I did the only way I lost weight was to eat less. Eating less especially when training is not easy so you have my sympathy.

    Anyway good luck.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Not strictly true - to lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you expend.

    You could eat the same number of calories and burn off more to weigh less.

    MOre here:

  9. Minimum for qualifying for bounty is 27. I don't really know the ins and outs of the restrictions on your maximum number of days, but from what I've read here it seems to vary between units. I know that I did 78 days in 2006 without any problems.

    Will you get adventure? I certainly hope so! Go and talk to the recruiting team in a unit and they'll give you all the details on the training you're likely to get. Otherwise have a look at some of the websites for units, you'll find them pretty easily through a google search.
  10. As previously noted, you're going to need to get running, but there's a pretty good chance you'll end up with shin splints which will a) píss you off and b) mean you have to take time off training.

    To avoid this you need to get yourself some proper running shoes from a running shop where they assess your gait (not JJB or the like). Homo running clothing is optional, and please, please avoid lycra.

    Then increase the speed and distance you run slowly, the temptation is to do too much once you get into the swing of it and you can really fcuk yourself over. And finally, make sure you warm up properly before going out or you will get injured

    For press-ups it sounds like you're going to have to resort to the girls' way of doing them - press-ups from your knees. Yes, you'll have the piss taken out of you if anyone sees you but you'll get there in the end :)
  11. A "normal" soldier. The "real" army. A stab-bating civvie? 8O

    The TA and the regular army do the same job, therefore you'll experience the same things in either - the difference being the regular army is full time, and the TA are only part time in between tours.

    If by "active service" you mean operational service, there are more than enough opportunities, espcially in the TA infantry, and you'll find that most TA soldiers have now completed at least one tour of duty.

    At your current fitness levels you probably won't last the medical, let alone any selection weekends. If you've got the cash for a mountain bike, why not get yourself a decent treadmill (RBK I-Run for example) or a gym membership instead? The good thing about a gym membership is someone will write out a programme for you to follow to achieve what you want.

    And last but not least, sell your BMX. It's gay.
  12. I have just joined the T.A. :D , my local Sig Reg :eek: , only one for miles (Awaiting the enhanced security checks as my dad is a paddy), I am off to Uni September 2007; transferring to Infantry then, planning to do a voluntary mobilisation thing after my degree before going for a full time commission.

    My advice is to stop considering your application and fill out those forms, by the time you start your training (around 2-3mounths+) and are expected to pass the fitness tests, you should have gotten a lot fitter.

    Also your training if it is only 12 miles on a BMX, is poor you need to start running, at leas once every three days.
    Four months ago I started running as far as I could (about 300 meters after years of bear and kababs) and built it up from their.

    I can now do 3 miles without stopping and 1.5 miles in 12mins 30 neither of which is good enough yet. But as I will continue to train I will continue to improve, if you can afford the time and money join a Gym and use it because running on a tread mill is softer on your shins. After a short while build in some road running you could as I did do a half mile to a mile jog first thing in the morning followed by sit ups and press ups (again as many as you can manage increasing daily).

    Just don’t go to mad and over strain your self, which will result in injury and another delay in you reaching your fitness targets. If you eat sensibly (fast food every day = bad idea) drink lots of water (2-3liters a day) and burn more than you consume you will lose weight and improve your health.

    As for your combat march start by walking 5-10 miles (less if you cant manage) every couple of days with light weight (5-15kg) on your back increase it every week until at the weight required for your test and then work on time by increasing pace.

    My advice is simply what I have found has worked for me as I can now do the march with little difficulty, the press ups and sit ups with ease and ill soon be on target for the running, I also started my martial arts (Krav Maga) again which was fun and helps with fitness, coordination and flexibility.

    If you or anyone has any Q’s or can see big holes in my plans or advice please let me know.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    What evidence do you have for this claim - I thought it was more like 1/4.

  14. wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. Hi mate,

    Not sure if your in London, or if they have a location near you but these guys are all PTI's and do it as a day job too.