Couple of questions about ID cards.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Hello. I have a couple of questions regarding basic training.

    1.) I know you get that list telling you all the cards/passport/birth certificates you need to take with you. What I wanna know, do they keep possesion of it all? The passport in particular?

    2.) I heard someone going on about army ID cards. Just wondering do they have date of birth and all that on or just the basics like name, number etc?

    Reason I ask these questions, I am aware that I look about 10 years old. Just wondering if I should get a seperate ID card like a Validate or something or whether I'll have something to hand which I can use as proof of age.
  2. No idea about the id cards. When you hand your forms in at your interview all they do is keep photocopies and give them you back 10 mins later.
  3. Similar question: when you start basic, is it ok to take just your passport and driving license if you have lost your birth certificate, or do you have to get hold of a copy of this as well?
  4. You get your docs, and passport back.

    I'm pretty sure that the new ID cards have you DoB on them also.
  5. Im wondering the same to, I took all my required documents last time i was in, but now cant find my birth certificate.

    Just have my passport and drivers license.

    Anyone know if that o.k?
  6. What's new about them? :?

    Mine has my DoB on it and it certainly ain't new.
  7. The new ones have expiry dates on them and extra stuff don't they.
  8. Get tour AFCO to photocopy the copy they have.
  9. Number, Rank, Name, DoB, Expiry date and photo.
  10. *Top*

    24***knife fork and spoon
    Blood Group
    Date of issue


    No expiry date or other stuff.
  11. If you are thinking of using your MOD 90 as proof of age regarding entry to a pub/club i would advise against it. Unfortunately some places will not allow military in. If they spot your MOD 90 "your not coming in as you all start fights"

    Sad that this is the attitude they hold but some do.
  12. deejay is quite right with the rank and expire date on the new cards.
  13. I thought so ;)
  14. Just how new are these new ID cards? Mine was renewed 6 years ago, so not exactly ancient is it?
  15. do you get issused these ID cards as soon as you get to basic training?