Couple of questions about basic.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Michael F, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. I start Basic on Monday and got everything on the list and am now wondering how particular the guys there will be.

    1) Swimming trunks or speedo? Goth both, not sure which I am meant to take.

    2) With the bungee cords a few are tri-colour (Black/Khaki/Dark green)- will they be ok or do I need to replace them with dark green specifically?

    If it is relevant ATC Pirbright.
  2. Don't worry about swimming shorts mate, any will do as long as there not baggy. Bungie's I wouldn't worry about either you get issued them there.
    Good luck for training - I passed out on Friday :)
  3. Defo no speedo's man ! lol

    Good luck with basic :dance:
  4. I passed out last Saturday, but it was a long session.
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  5. Goth cossies? Didn't know they existed.
  6. It's more Emo than Goth, but does he mean this:

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  7. You wear your issue PT shorts for swimming.
  8. Just saw my typo lol
    Will leave it be.

    Cheers for the replies.
  9. No bloody swimming trunks in my day, it was birthday suits Mk 1.

    Good luck.
  10. The therapy must have worked.
  11. Speedos? You mean Budgie Smugglers.
  12. Just to answer.

    1) You need to take your mankini, as used in the field. It is used in the field in Islamic countries to ensure frontal modesty, but allow flexibility. As it is Ramadam when you start basic, you will require the mankini so as not to offend your fellow muslim recruits.

    2) You will need florescent yellow bungees as you don't want people tripping up over them in the dark. If you can get luminous ones, thats even better, if you can't then then hang some of these from your bungees. Nite glow keyring - illuminates for ten years - blue colour: Kitchen & Home