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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Subtleknife, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi,
    First Question:
    I have recently booked my dates for AOSB Briefing and apart from being given the actual dates I have not been given much more information on the subject yet. I have gone onto the army website and had a look at what briefing entails mainly from information from this link: What I just wanted to make sure of was that the only physical tests are the assault course and the bleep test. Is this the case or have I misunderstood? If I understand correctly the 1.5 mile run, press ups and sit ups are all done at main board and you are only taught the correct technique at briefing. Sorry if its a bit of a mong question, I just didn't want to rock up on the day and find I've only trained for half the tests. Also I would have used the search function (I'm sure this has been asked numerous times before) but my laptops on the way out and doesn't seem to want to work.
    Also, with regards to mental arithmetic I presume it is prudent to know speed, distance and time equations. Are there any others that would be beneficial to polish up on before briefing?

    Second Question:
    I have an interview with the Rifles (I believe it's only a couple of hours long). I was just wondering if any one could give me advice on the type of question asked and what people's experiences had been with regards to the interview. I presume it will be along the lines of why do you want to join the army (specifically the Rifles) and maybe check that I know a little bit of the background of the Rifles.

    Thank you in advance for the replies.
  2. I can only advise on your first question.

    The briefing physical tests include:

    44 x press ups in 2 minutes
    50 x sit ups in 2 minutes
    Obstacle course best attempt
    Bleep test

    I feel inclined to inform you that if you intend to take your application seriously, you should train over and above what you need to do. You should have been training for the physical fitness levels you will need for main board, if not Sandhurst itself. This way is the only way you can be sure you'll do fine, why limit yourself?

    Mental arithmetic is a helpful attribute - you should know how to work out speed, distance and time equations in your head in a relatively short time. The best way of achieving this is to constantly answer questions and be using your times tables and fractions in your daily activities.

    When is your briefing for?


    With regards to your second question:

    If it is your familiarisation visit in an attempt to gain sponsorship you are in for a shock given your current knowledge of the situation.
    In the case it is for potential sponsorship - you will be expected to know about the rifles and why you want to join them, as much of a background as you can know. (This helps them to see you are taking it seriously and actually want to join them, or if you are just wasting their time.)

    You will also be required to do some physical assessments with which I am unsure - I would expect a bleep test and an assault course at the minimum.

    Unfortunately I cannot help any more than this, hopefully someone will be along to assist you further.
  3. My briefing is mid-April (hopefully if my first choice is accepted) I sent an email off a while ago and I am waiting for confirmation. Firstly, thank you for the reply, I appreciate your answers. Now I do not mean to question the reply that you have given with regards to push ups and sit ups at AOSB Briefing but it would seem contrary to the pdf ( on the website which makes no such mention of push or sit ups, is it the case that the information on the website is wrong/incomplete?
    With regards to the maths, I have already started doing what you have suggested so I seem to be on the right track in that regards.
    Also, I do not have any intention of just trying to get away with the minimum with regards to fitness. I apologise if my original post gave off this idea.
    With regards to the second answer, it is just an interview according to the emails I have received and is only two hours long. It never once mentions that any sort of physical assessment or activity is involved. I have already been brushing up on my history of the Rifles so I hope to be thoroughly prepared for it when the actual interview is because it is not imminent for a while. I was just wondering if any one had been on something similar and what experiences they had.

    Once again thank you for taking time to answer my questions.
  4. There are no press-up/sit-up tests at Briefing
  5. At your briefing you will do a bleep test and an indoor obstacle course. You will be given a demonstration for the press ups/sit ups and are expected to carry some out so the staff can check your form.

    SDT calculations are prudent to your preparation; the tasks you will carry out at briefing are very basic compared to what it’s like at main board.
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  6. Rox, I appreciate you for clearing that up. I wasn't aware it was only a demonstration and a few testers. That's not too bad at all then!
  7. Thanks for clearing that up and confirming what I believed. It is very much appreciated.

  8. At my briefing I took part in the indoor obstacle course, but was told that the only reason for this was that there were two females on my team and the smaller osbtacles were dotted around inside rather than outside. The rest of the teams that had males only did the outdoor course. The only real difference between the two is that the indoor wall is easier when it is raining as it stays dry and quite grippy :thumright:
  9. Alright guys to set the record straight here is the brefing outline I got sent when my dates were confirmed (16th/17th April)


    Arrive time – see attached Joining Instructions.
    Central Presentation – The Army, Sandhurst, AOSB, AOSB Briefing and general advice
    Candidates split into groups
    Individual Mental Appitutde Profile Assessment – completed on computers
    Introductions – each candidate tells the rest of the group about themselves for 2 minutes
    The Discussion – each group discusses a number of current affairs topics
    Lesson on how to complete a Planning Exercise (a complex analytical problem)
    Individual attempt at a Planning Exercise
    Individual Interviews

    Day 2

    Group debrief on the previous evening’s Planning Exercise
    The next 2 hrs is outdoors:
    *Multi Stage Fitness Tests (males to level 10.2, females to level 8.1)​
    *Attempt 2 practical command tasks as a group
    *Complete Individual Obstacle Course (separate male and female)
    Individual debrief Interview
    Medical Interviews if required
    Discuss Main Board options (if applicable)
    Depart 1130-1330 hrs approximately
    Detailed reports will be sent to Sponsors shortly after completion of the Briefing.
  10. That's brilliant thank you. Out of interest how long did it take for you to get a reply back after sending off your choice for dates for briefing?
  11. Good question, my medical took ages to come back but once it was sorted I sent it on a Monday, i got a bit paranoid because I was sure that i didn't put my email on the CV so I called up westbury a week later, they said it was all good, basically the medical officer looks over stuff on a Tuesday and signs it off by Wednesday, so they received mine late tuesday, a week later I get confirmation, asked to choose dates half an hour later it's all confirmed.

    So to answer your question without waffle a week, any longer then there is a problem with your med
  12. Sorry re-read your question it was literally minutes, but my options were all late April so I'm questing they were quite under subscribed, what were your options?
  13. My first choice was late April and the other was mid April for briefing. Still havent got anything back so I may give them a ring if you got your dates back so quickly.