Couple of points...Trainers (again) and press ups!..oh and..

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by monkey_wench, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey all!

    I have been hovering on here for past few weeks! I am In TA in UK but living in Germany. After 6 years of TA I have decided to take it further and go Regular! So I have been beasting my behind...knowing what is ahead of me!!

    Firstly...I have bought some new trainers...Asics for £20 at JJB sports. Disappointed. I did less than 3 mile in them this week and my Calves were killing...lactic acid i think? Before that i was using my other halfs trainers... SAUCONY FORUM. I never had this pain with these. My O/H said asics are genereally firmer. The Saucony one's have sort of air bubble type underneath which i never knew about. They are far more cushioned on heel.

    Point I am trying to make is...has anyone had this before? I was a sprinter, competing regularly and for a chick I am fairly muscly but not so flexible!! Could it be my body type?

    Also with the asics, my toes went numb?? WTF? I didnt tie them too hard as when i did they hurt like fcuk! Maybe just need to break them in.

    I had this calf tightness before but cant remeber which trainers i had. I thought it was due to me being unflexible but is it the trainers??

    Any advice/opinons/experience would be great!

    My other point is...

    I had a go at the Press up Pyramid that someone mentioned here. I did 1-10 then back down again...and wow FANTASTIC..its all psycological and I did 110 press ups without realising it! PROPER ONE'S!

    I would recomend this to anyone!

    Also...just wondered if this fitness regime on "army fit" is any good IYO?

    It seems to be working for me. anyone else on it? Sometimes I feel as though I am not doing enough as some people here runnig twice a day for good distance and makes me feel inferior haha...however I dont want to overdo it and get an injury!!

    any advice here?

    Have induction at new garison gym tomorrow. wonder if PTI wil give me a personal programme for a crate of maximuscle?? :)
  2. Hey MW, care to explain this press up pryramid please? :)

    Is it like a ladder, where you do say 9 lunges, 1 press up then next you do 8 lunges 2 press ups etc etc?
  3. If he/she is half decent, they will do it for nowt.

    I used to :wink:
  4. yeh Asics are a good brand if you have the right kind of gait and feet.
    It can be worthwhile to look for a sports shop that properly caters for runners when looking for they look at your running technique then reccommend some trainers with the right kind of support for your style, and watch you run in them so that they can check they are suitable. I'll admit you'll probably find yourself spending a bit more money (around £60-80 for a pair) but personal feeling has always been that if your training alot and regularly its a worthy investment to reduce the damage and injury chances.
    You can easily feel the difference when you find a pair of trainers that properly suit your running style.
  5. 1 - rest - 2 - rest - etc - 9 -rest - 10 - rest - 9 - rest - etc

    Another half decent method is +1 a day. First day, do max, second day do max +1, etc. It works because you know you can do X amount, so 1 more, you figure, shouldn't be too hard to pull. Of course you may want to stop after a year, 1000 push ups a day may get tedious :D.
  6. "Also with the asics, my toes went numb?? WTF? I didnt tie them too hard as when i did they hurt like fcuk! Maybe just need to break them in".

    Sounds like they`re too small, or to narrow for your feet. I had the same problem with a sh*t hot pair of Nike (cheap off EBay). It may be your gait causing the numbness as mentioned. I cured the numbness by running without socks (better for toughening your heels too).

    That said if you are nails then run in your brand spanky new DMS :p
  7. Cheers for the resonse guys!

    AS SGP just start at 0ne press up..get on to your knees then go back into press up position and do 2 etc until u get to 10. At go back down...10..knees..stretch off...9..etc it gets harder as it goes up and comes down but its psycological and works. push hard!!

    heidtheba...hopefully they will be as "generous" as you!! Surely they get a thrill out of giving advice on what they live and breath!! I know enough PTI's so hopefully will get it!! ...just helps if they can assess you there and then!! He seemed nice so we will see!!

    shorts- I know what you are sayin mate...i want to go to proper running shop but time was limited last weekend when i went to UK...dont know if they have running shops in the sticks in germany?
  8. What kind of programme you after?

    PM me and I will try and help you out.
  9. lowers are more comfy than friggin asics!! but weigh a kg each!!

    My right foot was hurtin on right hand side...but i dont have fat feet!?? :)

    im prone to blisters so no socks is not an option :-( i did 1 min run fast (75-80%) 1 min walk. when i ran fairly fast...not a problem...when i jog...thats when I get claf pain!?? is it me or trainers?? i think trainers as saucony i never had drama...maybe i should keep them for sprint/gym work and nab my husbands for distance :)
  10. heidtheba...i will pm you tomorrow mate if thats cool...too much whisky and phys haha!

    cheers :)
  11. It sounds like the trainers are the problem.

    Revert back to Saucony, I wear them, and also have collapsed arches, best of the bunch.
  12. graet...cheers heid. will try them out tomorrow for a pft. will pm you tomorrow then :)
  13. great...cheers heid. will try them out tomorrow for a pft. will pm you tomorrow then :)
  14. What, twice? :D
  15. if you're lucky!!