couple of important questions people :)

Hi there, just completed my BARB test, scored 59, was an ok score I believe.

Just got some questions to ask;

1. When I was younger I was Diagnosed with ADHD and used the drug Ritalin for a few months back in Year 5 in Junior School (1995-1996), the medical form ask for behavioural problems and lists ADHD as an example, I'm definitley going to put yes, dont want to hide anything, but the latest I was prescribed drugs for it is 1996!, so surley this won't impact on me i hope!

I aint got a police record, being in a stable job for the last 3 years, no time off work, my boss will give me a good reference, I'm just hoping to god this won't impact on me getting in, I cant see why, that was 1996, now 2007 and im a very good boy!:p

2. If you wear contact lenses/glasses you've got to get a form filled out by your optician. I got given the form before and she filled it in, all no's as expected :), and signed the date 06/07/2006, which was the date of my last eye examanation, it says if you answer yes to any, (which i do), you have to have a eye examanation within the last 12 months, now even if i get this form back to the recruiter at the latest 2 weeks, i would have had an eye test about 1 year and a month, will this matter?, if it does ill get it done ASAP, the bloke at the AICO said it was ok but i want to be sure

thanks for the advice (hopefully!:p)

I don't know about no. 1, but I would just get your form filled in and see what the military doc's say about it!

The opticians form does say within last 12 months, so I'd be tempted to get another test done, just to cover all bases!

Good luck!
hello again people, I did a search on the forum, found a few ADHD topics and it seems as long as you have been off Prescribed drugs for 2 years then you should be ok, well I last had them for it in 1996, or it just could have got into 1997, at the absolute limit, ill ask my mum later, so at the latest it could have been that was 10 years ago, so i've no need to worry?

last note, any update on the optician situation i mentioned?


Your 'bloke at the ACIO' is a Recruitment Sgt/Cpl, first off.

And he's right, it doesn't matter - but get your VA (Visual Acuity) and check it against PULHEEMS for your chosen CEG(job) and make sure they match.

I got all the way to the PSO Interview at Glencorse before I was told I couldn't go cav', now I'm RMPing instead.

Editted to add; Your ADHD thing is definitely fine, I'm in much the same boat and the Doctor at Glencorse asked me about it, I confirmed I was off of it since about 98, and it's fine.

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