Couple of Bits

Primus ETA Solo stove. Comes complete with box, and all the bits. Used twice for testing, fits into a utility pouch and will hold a 100g gas cannister.
Follow up to the infamous Jetboil, it uses the same cooking unit.
◦ Small & compact
◦ Wind resistant
◦ Fast cooking
◦ Low fuel consumption
◦ Lightweight
◦ Environmentally friendly
◦ Easy to use
◦ Fully adjustable burner

◦ Weight: 365g (12.9oz)
◦ Output: 1500W (5400BTU/h)
◦ Boiling Time: 2.10 min (0.5l)
◦ Dimensions: Ø 105 x 155 mm (Ø 4.1’’ x 6.1’’)
◦ Ignition: Piezoelectric
◦ Suitable for: 1-2 people
◦ Volume: 0.9L (30.4oz)
◦ 59 min on 100g (3.5oz) gas cartridge

It's new so £65 + £3:50 p&p

Custom Assault Vest in DPM, made by JJ's in Brecon. is used but all buckles, zips etc in perfect working order.
2 large pouches at the back /sides suitable for carrying water bottle or mess tins

4 medium pouches spread through out the front of the vest

2 ammo pouches (these were original designed to fit 6 A1 magazines, however since the upgrade only 4 A2 will fit comfortably (2 per pouch)

2 large zipped sections roughly the size of the front of the vest

A velcro section at the lower back

£35 + £4:00 p&p

Paypal prefered

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