Couple Of Authors I Just Started Reading...

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by dixie-basher, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Away from home, lots of time in airports and on planes etc. Got a couple of books at Heathrow before I left;

    The Business Of Dying - Simon Kernick. Really enjoyed it. Set in the UK, a policeman by day and in his time off he's a hitman for a local gangster. Gets the job of killing 3 drug dealers, but he's been set up - they're Customs & Excise. So the police and gangsters are after him.

    Cold Granite - Stuart MacBride. Really enjoyed this one as well. Erm... like Rebus, but set in Aberdeen, give it a try though, pretty good stuff. Theres even a copper on duty gets caught by the hero reading a John Rankin book. Nice touch!

    So my question is, worth pressing on with these two authors or are the books a bit repetitive? I understand everyones tastes aren't the same, just wanted to know what other arrse'rs thought. Your opinion counts!
  2. Haven't read either of them, but i'll try and take a look.

    The most recent author i have discovered is barry Eisler, and his John Rain Series. Rain is a 1/2 jap, 1/2 spam assassin who specialises in 'natural causes' deaths. He'll work for anyone, but he has 3 rules - 1. No 'B' team (He's the only person taking on the assignment). 2. Prinipals only (no targetting an underling to send a message) 3. No bints or kids.

    Eisler himself is apparently ex CIA covert ops - certainly the books seem written from a believable position, and with realistic scenarios (if the first death in the first book is feasible).
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  3. I am keen on Simon Kernick - it's worth reading then in the correct order though. You may also enjoy Stephen Leather - again worth reading in the right order
  4. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    Peter James writes about the police in Brighton, Very good attention to detail.
    Peter Robinson writes the Inspector Allan Banks series set in Yorkshire, best read in order but not essential.
  5. I've read more than one book from each of these authors and find them both very good. If pushed I would state a preference for Simon Kernick; one of those 'can't put it down' type of authors.
  6. I concur - Simon Kernick , read in order if poss.
    Barry Eisler John Rain are excellent, tried his other stuff - Fault Line - but didnt rate it.
    Lee Child Jack Reacher series are also excellent, read in order also.
    If you enjoy crime stuff, James Lee Burke - Dave Robicheaux series, and also Don Winslow, the Power of The Dog will leave you wondering when you will next be able to go to sleep. His other stuff is quality too. Just getting into Michael Connelly, looks like another series to plough through.
    James Ellroy is also worth a look, American Tabloid would be a good starter

  7. Thanks folks, much appreciated.
  8. Try Vince Flynn!!
  9. A couple I like, although not strictly police novels are John Locke (Donovan Creed is the protagonist) and Don Winslow: Old-timer, born in 1953, I think, the earlier ones are very good, lots of twists and turns with a very sparse way of writing (rather like Elmore Leonard). When he moved down to California his style didn't change but it concentrates more on the California surfin' scene, which can get a bit boring. Still very much fun. Favourite from that latter era? California Fire and Life. Look him up in Wikipedia.

    Agree on the Barry Eisler front. Try Michael Prescott and Richard Jay Parker too.

    And please, for god's sake, somebody fix this fcukin' spell checker! Who the **** calls the spelling of "favourite" incorrect?

    PS By the way. eBooks. Interested? PM me, or call me on Skype (see profile)
  10. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    A film of Lee Childs Character Jack Reacher, is being filmed next year. Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6'5" tall and weigh about 300lb. So who have the producers cast in the role of Jack Reacher, No other that Tom Cruise, who is about 5'7" and weighs about 190lb. How on earth do the producers think that Tom Cruise is going to be believable as Jack Reacher.
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  11. Just started reading a book by a chap called Ken Wharton (ex squaddie), a long long war. It's about Northern Ireland all stories from soldiers who have served on Op Banner, pretty good reading tbh.
    The books the op mentioned sound good, I think Santa is bringing me a kindle this year, so I'll have a look for them.

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  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    Charlie Owen - the Horse's Arse series. they wont win any prizes for literature but by god did they make me laugh. all set in a mid-70s cop shop on the edge of manchester - the blurb describes them as 'life on mars meets the sweeney', and that gives you a good idea of what to expect. charlie owen
  13. Second Michael Connelly as a good read -they stand alone but as others have noted, if you can get them in the right order then some plot lines follow on and earlier ones are sometimes mentioned in later books. He has a couple of good central characters - Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller, sometimes they appear on their own and on occasion together in the same book.
  14. Everyone else in shot will walk about in a trench and Cruise will be on a box...
  15. Bosch is a Vietnam vet, ex tunnel rat! They are a cracking read. If you enjoy crime thrillers try Robert Crais specifically the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series.

    Wonder who win in a fight between Joe Pike and Jack Reacher?