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I, like many on the board an a volunteer within the ACF. I have just returned from a camp recce which was attended by the Volunteer heads of sheds (Coy OC's 2IC'd CSM's and Trg Maj)

What became painfully apparent was the loathing the volunteer have for our County HQ and I wondered if this feeling is the same accross the board?

Let me introduce a few of the CHQ Charaters -

CEO - A drunk who has decreed to the remainder of the staff that Monday Mornings, Wednesday and Friday afternoos are non working time.

Admin Officer - An SMI with no Admin or interpersonal skills.

QM - Unwilling to store or hold any stores. Those he is forced to hold are for storeing , not for issuing. He also thinks HE runs the battalion

CAA's - Nothing is too little work for these two. Need a uniform for a new cadet - No problem, the stores are open 1000 - 1015 daily. Delivery?!?!?! How dare you suggest that.

TSA - Training? Why the hell do you want to do training? You write the EASP, I tell you its crap and cancel the training. Simple really.

It was a real eye opener to see another county training on our recce. The county in question is of a similer size to ours and was holding a 2 and 3 star stesting board. 120 cadets, 40 to 50 Happy staff, AT Activities thrown in for good measure.

So, what are your county HQ's Like?
Our HQ staff are all ex regs who come across as 100% behind what we do. All in all a good bunch. We are lucky, though, and I remember when things weren't like that:
CAA to WSI on annual camp weho requested toilet rolls: "You can't have them, they might get used." Sad to say, but his tongue was not in his cheek.
Thankfully, things aren't like that now.
I had a feeling that was the case!

Oh well, back to the Us vs Them Battle.......lets see what they think about a weekend FAM Visit to Germany.....
I thought that the TSA was part of the Bde Staff and not the ACF
Have just checked up on this, and it seems you are right in that they are employed by brigade, but at the same time they are based at county headquarters and work alongside HQ staff and so are viewed as being the same. All the info I could find seemed to lead to a very grey area, but that's the clearest answer I could work out. Hope it helps
Our TSA works with us and the next county accross, but seems to have one rule for us - where our CO is weak and unable to stand up to him - and the other county which has a (fairly) strong CO who has told him to wind his neck in.

Well, does anyone has a spare W02 position available?
got to come out in support of our hq staff, all top notch and nothing seems too much trouble, never had a request for anything turned down(yet).

All the CAAs are ex reg and ex cadet(before the became caa) they are great, turning up on parade nights measuring cadets themselves. giving training suggestions etc

QM very good will go that extra mile to get that extra bit of obscure kit that you dont know the real name for but seen it somewhere in the past and dont have the uin number for

Admin staff brilliant nuff said

CEO doesnt take any crap and excellent guy

TSA does his job well and helps with training suggestions.

I think we are quite lucky in our battalion as i have heard some serious horror stories from other battalions/sectors/regions in the past
The seem so switched on....

you need to move county's are someting.

Good Luck

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