Country with the best/strongest reserves(/TA)?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. We may have the best army in the world but ...... what about the reserves?

    From what I've seen ANG is the strongest/best in the world. From commonwealth countries Australia seems very strong, Canada 2nd, NZ third and the TA a weak 4th..... I've not included India or Pakistan, which may mean we are 6th (Does India have the strongest/largest commonwealth TA?).

    Seems a bit weird we are in this state, Yorkshire TA on its own would been 2nd at one point (only to Scotland).
  2. Israel.

    End of!
  3. Russia, every one of those effers are up for a fight
  4. India has more TA than we have regulars...
  5. Hmm..

    Dutch 5 war fighting Bns

    Germans several divisions??? (Territorialheer)

    Venezuela is aiming for the largest reserve force in the Americas 500, 000
  6. They mention the P word on that site (pension if you haven't kept up)
  7. I think the question was the best reserves..

    Dutch - Regulars are next to useless so what are the reserves like (first hand experience)

    Germans - as above (only like going into the Eastern side of Europe anyway

    Venezuela - Fcuk me - Chile and belize are such quality opponents what does it matter if they have a great reserve force - I pity the guinea pigs.
  8. The post I read carried to mention 2 million reserves by 2007.
  9. If not Israel it will be the Swiss.
  10. Yep agreed but what are 2 million resevers going to do in S. America? I still worry about those guinea pigs
  11. Agreed. Most of thier population having done national service, have an assault rifle under the sink at home. Slightly decreases the prospect of an invasion, which should count in thier favour.
  12. The same Swiss that are really Bankers (yes I spelt it right) who have never been in a real fight since Jesus shot his load in primary school
  13. Denmark, 1 million reserves all with a little lock up box with their kit and a pistol. Met one once who didn't know we were living in a haystack OP, captured the whole troop seeing as he was the only one with live rounds. Well hard.
  14. lol is not enough - LAUGH OUT EFFING LOUD
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I don't know. That description pretty much fits Afghanistan and they've invaded consistently since Alexander the Great.