Country Sports - Shooting advice please

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Scabbers, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Mods, this probably doesn't belong in the NAAFI, but it's serious request for advice, so feel free to shift it.

    Situation: I like game fishing, I brew my own ale, I grow some of my own veg, so the self sufficiency route is well travelled. It's a good bloke thing to do. I've not bought ale from the supermarket or off licence for quite some time now.

    Got an idea that I'd like to shoot furry and feathered things in the woods / fields, and, may just latch on to a local 'shoot'. Trouble is, I'm a complete novice. OK with SMG, Pistol, SLR, GPMG, LMG SA80 plus various soviet era weaponry, but the 12 bore has never crossed my path.

    A recent copy of 'The Field' (nicked from the local GPs surgery in a self sufficiency mode) reveals that I will need a hefty mortgage to own a Purdy, Remington or any similar piece.

    Question: So, whats the going rate for a second hand 12 bore in reasonable condition ? If I have to sell the kids / car / house it ain't going to work.

    Note: The other reason I want to take it up is becuase my next door neighbour is lentil-eating left wing snotty bitch who dislikes me getting her old man pissed on my home brew and my over-theatrical gutting trout in the back garden in full view of her hanging out her kaftan. (Husband's OK...his choice in spouse is decidedly dodgy though). A brace or three of Pheasant hanging off my shed might up the ante a bit.

    I also think that anything I do that doesn't quite fit in with the Kensington elite and aparatchik's view of the populous is always a bonus. Their disdain for the countryside / agriculture is a disgrace.

    Should I be surprised at the Arrsers answers ? Will they be sensible ?probably not, but it's worth a try. 8O
  2. You can pick up a second hand 12G for as little as £100, £50 + four recent photo's gets you a shotgun ticket, £100 - £150 for something to keep it in.

    Do NOT however think you can just go out and shoot, you need the landowners permission.
  3. Try holts gun auction in london. I've got 3 shotguns and I only ever use 1. the other 2 are just for show.

    A couple of hundred quid should get you sorted but you pays your money, you takes your choice.

    Try holts to see what you like.
  4. PM Ugly.
  5. This should be in "shooting sports" under "Normal Life" ! :D

    The least I paid for a shotgun was £2

    Perfectly serviceable, 12b single barrel hammergun.

    You wouldn't turn up at a fancy driven shoot with it but perfectly suitable for bagging the odd rabbit or pigeon on land that you've got permission to shoot over.

    Have a look in the "Shooting Sports" forum.

    Shotgun - £2
    Certificate £50
    Secondhand cabinet £30
    Putting meat on the table - priceless!
  6. We have regular shotgun auctions in my RBL club in Cardiff with some as cheap as 50 quid

    I stand corrected just looked up an old caatalogue
    12b spanish master no87073 28" barrels £20
  7. Ok,

    Try Bonhams - I will attend the next auction. Look at the site in order to appreciate previous sale results.
  8. 2 x 16 bore Webley and Scott 26" and I offered good money on them. The man was tighter than a duck's asrre on both. He still has them.

    Do not over pay on guns, even on decent stuff, just wait.
  9. Ugly,

    That's the state of play we discussed in PM.
  11. Have a look at central European brands. Don't go underestimating too soon. If you're patient, on Monday, I have a student who is a competition shooter, and owns a shottie apart from his artillery, I'll ask. Just from memory, I'd say Spanish have always been cheapish and good.
  12. If you want cheap and bomb-proof, go Russian. Baikal shotguns more robust than a robust thing and have the added bonus of doubling up as a paddle (if you're punting) or as a hammer if you need to repair gate posts or fences as you go, etc.


    Brand new their SbS & OU's are around £400-500ish. The single barrel 12g is only £134! And second hand prices... they're peanuts - the cheapest one on Guntrader is £75

    Getting a licence and gun is the easy bit: Four photos, £50, one referee and a completed 'Firearms Form 103' from your local Plod. Pass the security checks, interview and install a gun cabinet and you're away.

    Getting somewhere to shoot: far more difficult. Permission to shoot pigeon, rabit, hare, duck and goose etc by offering pest control to local land owners is potentially free, but hardwork to get and keep.

    Joining a game or water-foul syndicate is another option, but may be expensive and expect to put in some hard graft on weekend working parties, to maintain and develope your shoot.

    Buying shooting days on an estate is easy to do, but not a cost effective way to go, if your intention in to shoot for the pot.

    Public liability insurance is a must and is available from a number of places, like: BASC, NGO, SACS and CA etc

    Look at a site like Pigeon Watch or Hunters World for advice and also the BASC's advice centre is a good source of Int.

    Ugly is well up on all things feather and fur and is worth a PM to ask for advice. It's also a good idea to get to a Clay Pigeon ground and find out if you're likely to hit anything with a shotgun, before going down that route - it ain't rifle shooting! it's more art than science. If not, perhaps ferreting is for you.

    Good luck...
  13. Baikal is best!

    Very good rugged guns - and ridiculously cheap.

    I think a bundle of five of the single barrel 12G went for £15 at Holts recently - £3 each. The side-by-sides and over/unders are available in decent condition from as little as £20.

    I have a Baikal s/s hammer-gun in new condition; think I paid about £50 for it.
  14. I don't want to sound pedantic, but when it comes to shotties, really, c'mon, a tube is a tube is a tube. Pistols and much more so rifles are a different kettle of fish, but with shotties it is just about as important what you are loading as what you are loading it into. I am waiting to be proved wrong with genuine interest. ( Meaning, I'd be interested in points of view, not I am so smug : ) }