Country going to the dogs: More evidence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PassingBells, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Is it any wonder that standards are slipping, with regulations such as the following coming into force?

    School bans knotted ties.

    I was particularly concerned by the following:

    I remember when it was a fineable offence to wear a clip on. Have standards really slipped so far in HM's Armed Forces (Crab Air of course excluded)?


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  2. Clips on are fine but strap ons are probably frowned at.

    Well at least in public they are.

  3. I think they wear them very short, and loosely knotted - as thats cool (according to my sons a few years ago)
  4. Sorry, not aware of any armed forces that wear clip on ties.

    Although I have go elastic on mine, but I did that my self. Just prusic knot around the elastic= small knot, but tidy and easy to chuck on.
  5. The school kids used to wear ties with the smallest part of the tie (i.e. no kipper tie), ateast when I was at school they used to. lol

    if you want PROOF that this country is going to the dogs, visit places like Lewisham and Downham LOL
  6. I believe that, due to certain (ahem) risks inherent in the profession some at MCTC wear / wore them, as did certain people in psychiatry.
  7. With great thought for our personal safety in MCTC we had our ties with us. You wouldn't want to feel undressed going to church on Sundays now would you?

    I was also particulary impressed when we received our bayonets on day two or thereabouts. Still, no nasty ties or dangerous knots to worry about then.
  8. You've misread it although I can see why.

    "We also feel it is smarter because older children will not wear the ties in a casual way."
    It means they can't wear a clip on tie in a casual way.
  9. They are authorised over here, but in fairness, I know few people who wear them.

  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The country is not going to the dogs because of school ties. I actually think it is a very good move, even if only on health and safety grounds.

    I got into a fight once at school against a much bugger kid, but managed to beat the hell out of him and give him whiplash because I was swinging him around by his tie. If he'd had a snap on, he probably would have beaten me to a pulp.

    Another thing that should be banned in schools is fists, boots, rulers, Bic pens, paper and ethnicboard rubbers (can I say rubber?)
  11. A tie isn't a safety risk. A kid with a knife in his pocket at school is.
  12. well I had a pocket knife at school from the age of 11 until I left and I wasn't a safety risk to anyone or anything. I sharpened pencils, cut paper and mended glasses frames with it more than anything. A school culture where children are given no responsibility and allowed to do as they please without fear of censure is a greater risk.

    A tie is a safety risk anywhere near machinery or in a science lab.
  13. [quote="EX_STAB]A tie is a safety risk anywhere near machinery or in a science lab.[/quote]

    Or when hanging from a convenient beam.
  14. Utter bóllócks! Ask any past or serving copper why their uniform tie is/was a clip on.

    The answer is obvious.
  15. Can i add desks, chairs, Teachers, books and kids to that list please?