Discussion in 'Infantry' started by canuck123, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. What countries do the Paras train with. Do they train alot with allies, if so what type of training do they do. Anyone have a link or answers?
  2. Why? Your not even in the Paras yet.
  3. The Paras never train with any other nation in order to keep their battle skills and drills secret.

    They trained with a couple of yanks a while back and next thing they knew the septics involved were going around calling themselves "Spechul Forces" and giving themselves loads of badges and medals for having lasted more than 15 minutes drinking time with the maroon machine.

    Being serious for a nano-second. What kind of training do you expect airborne infantry to do? Underwater basket weaving? (actually I think that is the preserve of 'Those' (SBS). As for who with: why not phone them up and ask them? I suspect that they will play with pretty much the same people as the rest of the army does relevant to role.
  4. well it's been a few years but IIRC the French Paras and the jump company of 3rd Bn R22Re, but you may not like those options :roll:
  5. Sounds like a Walt doing a bit of research.
  6. Maybe he should be looking to join this unit then. :D

    They have all sorts of spiffy medals and badges and.... ooops they're from Quebec.... nevermind :roll:
  7. Off the thread. Having a few problems with these 'firearms' in UK. They are not defined as a toy and are not an 'air weapon' i.e .22/.177. They are quite accurate and trying to take on the paint ball market.

    Very bloody realistic as well, almost shat myself when faced with one. The hoody quickly learnt a valuable Army lesson. Never...Never point a weapon at anybody you don't intend to shoot. 1 - 0 to the right wing facists.
  8. As the late great Johnny Cash would say-"Ive been everywhere son"
  9. Training such as joint jumps, defensive and offensive training, stuff like that. I thought you guys would train with the Germans, Dutch, Belgian,etc
  10. We do.
  11. Not to mention: The Americans & French etc. Also have exchanges with Aussies and Kiwis same as the rest of the Army.
  12. There used to be the "Gaulish Star" and "Winged Crusader" exercises between FR and the UK; they've been mostly put on the back burner since the Parachute Rgt swapped blanks for live rounds after 9/11.
    I know 7 RHA did an exchange with their French counterparts of the 35°RAP a couple of years ago but then they are gunners, not infantry.
  13. Mon ami ne perdent pas votre temps. L'affiche originale déjà a été exposée comme wannabe ailleurs sur le forum. :roll: