Countess Harpys farkin "equality" agenda

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Doug_Hole, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Equal pay? Right! equal jobs, no equal pay until the snakes with tits stop picking and choosing the cushy warm and soft jobs. I want wumun:-

    - On the oil rigs doing some heavy lifting
    - Scaffolding
    - Labouring
    - Risking life fishing in the North Sea
    - Down the sewers shovelling shit
    - Taking engineering degrees
    - Working on manufacturing lines
    - Fixing machinery as a mechanic
    - Being binmen

    etc. - I don't see women doing any of the important stuff.

    Do the thick bints not phucking get it?! (Rhetorical, quite clearly they don't)

    Men have baw bags with bawz in them, which in turn produce testosterone (natures muscle building chemical) meaning we are the only ones nature intended to be nails. Our shoulders expand in puberty so we can deal with the loads required for meaningful work in our upper bodies.

    Women get an extra layer of fat and the estregen pushes their hips out for child birth. Given that humans are phucking bipeds you need parallel legs for co-ordination balance and speed.

    Nature never intended for men and wumun to be equals and the snakes with tits sure as hell don't intend to do any of the heavy lifting that creates wealth, so why the phuck should they get equal pay?

    Countess Harpy should be beaten with the ceremonial mace until she pisses her pants. Equal pay for equal phucking work or sling yer hook.

    (Posted in NAAFI as is the only forum where you can be honest about natures intended role for women.)
  2. Don't mess around - I take it you're a mysogynist, then?
  3. Hi There Doug_hole, whilst I agree with some of what you say, if I were you I'd put down that big shovel ye've got cos yer diggin an awfie big hole awragither son. christ, de ye want tae stay cellibate or what??????