Counterpoise question

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I've always been told that a counterpoise is used when the ground is dry and as a result earthing is poor...... (the couterpoise is spread on the ground under antenna)


    I've also been told that a counterpoise is used to create a reflection to stop groundwave being absorbed into the earth and it should be pegged using non metallic pegs just above ground level?

    Any ideas and how often do you use them?

  2. They shouls be used always as on average they give an extra 3dB of power/gain.
  3. Cheers, but are they an earth or a reflector?

    Do they sit on the ground or insolated from it?
  4. They sit on the ground and aid the ground plane of the antenna, god it's a bit early for this!!! 8O
  5. Cheers TB ......
  6. IIRC there was also a counterpoise antenna that came with Larkspur manpack (A40?) - a kind of trailing wire that went the length of your body and tucked into your puttees.

    (But then it was a very long time ago....)
  7. Is a counterpoise the same as a groundplane ?
  8. Polar69, yes.
  9. All antennas have two parts. A basic antenna is created by taking a wire/feeder and spliting out the two wires so they don't balance each other (think of a 1/2 wave dipole - if you put each arm alongside the other, twisting them together you've now got a feeder).

    When you have a manpack set, parts of the radio itself act as the other part of the antenna.
    With some VHF antennas such as the GSA people used to piss on it to improve the conductivity (hence power) - (hence the warning not to in official pams)
  10. My bold, try to avoid doing this when Txing....
  11. ^Thats why they dished out the warning.

    Only done it the once in ascension islands
  12. IIRC the counterpoise "legs" should be equal to or greater than the length of the Ae legs in an ideal situation.
  13. Bibo, try and get a copy of the Radio Systems CD from Blandford. Its got a pam on their about A&P.

    Also try to get hold of the Commercial Radio Techniques pam, it talks about many of the systems we use (e.g. AIRWAVE). (For some reason its not covered by any TA course)

    Lastly their are two A&P pams, the one I mentioned above is for class 3 operators. The other one is aimed at the troop commanders course (comd group), see if your PSI /YofS can get you this aswell.
  14. devilish,
    when was the last time your lot used a counterpoise... In fact when was the last time you got comms in ;0)
  15. Ohh, Mould and MIV's now that went by the mid nineties didn't it?