Countering Sexism ... what to call a female Rupert?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Occasionally, ie, every other Planck time, my brain goes walkabout and leaves me puzzling over some trivial item, such as the meaning of reality or how long is a piece of string. Tonight it's: if a male officer is called a Rupert, then what is a female officer called? Being too idle to look it up, and in a moment of jamais vu, not being sure that I've ever heard such a name, I thought I'd pose the question on the Fount of All Knowledge, or failing that, ARRSE.

    Rupertina? Rupertess? Rupertette? Penelope? Lucinda? Lucy? :???:
  2. Most female officers in my day seemed to be either called "Jane" or "Sarah"
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  3. I must confess, I've never come across a generic term. If terms need to be created for female Ruperts and Rodneys, can I suggest Hermiones and Penelopes?
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  4. RAOs? .....
  5. But if you looked at their docs, they'd be down as Ian.
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  6. Does that mean Dr Who's assistants are officer status?

  7. As long as she does not hear you, then you can call her whatever you like.
  8. "Sweet Cheeks"
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  9. I remember when i was a JL at Harrogate, we had a rather nice female RAEC Officer teaching us some shit or other. She left the room one day for a minute or so and my oppo jumped up and went and sniffed the seat of her chair. It was at this stage she walked back in, catching him with his face fully implanted where her arse had been only seconds before.

    We called her Ma'am by the way.
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  10. Liability?

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  11. In the SADF (Seffrrican Defence Force) we didn't call rank "Sir" or "Ma'am", merely by rank ("Yes, Captain" ). Much easier than Ma'am or marm. As for Rupert - I agree with Vampireuk, as that terminology is often asexual, especially for the just-graduated hossifer.
  12. I found they always answered to "sugar tits"

    The actual answers varied however
  13. I found my last female OC, a buxom west country lass, coloured up a treat if I shouted "All roightt moi luvverrr!" after her!
  14. Roberta or Ruberte