Counterfiiet pound coins

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. Ever noticed one? Apparently there are loads about. What's the best conterfiet you've come across?
  2. Broon pretending to be the Prime Minister
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  3. You beat me to this identical post by two minutes! Well done but bugger!
  4. A case full of hooky £20.00 notes floating about in Leeds in 2004. One enterprising lad bought a huge load for a third of their face value then floated between 3 train stations buying the cheapest ticket from the machines before pocketing an average of £19.00 in change.
  5. The one or more i haven't noticed.
  6. I thought of photocopying fifties to boost my pension but apparently, all banknotes now have some pattern printed on them that copiers detect.

    What are pound coins made of? Brass I suppose. Must need dies and machines to make them though.

    Does anybody want to buy any gold plated sovereigns?

  7. Older colour copiers can scan and print notes.

    Early model Canons can… allegedly.
  8. Apparently one of these is a fake:

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  9. I've seen a few quite blatant copies but while the law stipulates that one will not be re-reimbursed for taking them out of circulation who would ever not spend them?

    ...Unless we start a culture of shopping people for passing on a £1 coin, which would probably see a raft of people getting some sort of penalty, particularly the elderly, poor-sighted, children, piss heads, foreigners and people with bigger things to worry about.
  10. back in the early nineties, I had a bundle of fake 20's that I had acquired in Wrexham, about 4grand in all. Went to the local cop station one day with my shotgun certificate renewal form, and handed over £20 to pay for it. Stood waiting for 15 mins, till the cop came back, holding the £20 note up in the air and declaring " it looks like we may have a problem, Sir". Cold sweat ensued as I gaped at the obviously fake 20 that he was grasping in his sweaty paws. "What problem would that be", I barely managed to gasp out. " No-one in the station has got change of a 20 note", he says. Sensing that I may not after all be spending some time in ' the big hoose' I took it from him, telling him I would change it at the newsagents. Returned later with the correct money, not before I had gone home and bonfired the rest of them.
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  11. My dad gave me a fake 1 pound coin when I was a kid, he scratched some of the plating off to show me it was fake but told me not to spend it. I coloured it back in with a gold crayon I had and blagged the corner shop and bought some sweets.
  12. I've had several recently, and compared to ones I've had in years passed, these are really good. You can still 'feel' the differance and the lettering around the rim is not as sharp as real coins, but you'd never notice them mixed in with a handful of £1 coins
  13. I've just dug my bottle of £ coins out of the neighbours flower bed and I can't spot any. I suppose there could be a few counterfeit coins there, but no counterfiiet ones.
  14. For those of you that are not spending these things on sweets, and want a handy, at a glance, cut out and keep reference.

  15. Thanks Twat! Now me screens knackered.