Counter-terrorists - why special forces?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gobbyidiot, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. I was watching the Iranian embassy prog earlier in the week, and an old conversation I'd had with a para/sf bloke came to mind, apropos the aborted Falklands era raid to destroy the Argentine Super Etandard/pilots. I said, "Paras could probably do the job just as well". He said, "They'd be better". Think about it - if you needed someone prepared to kill a pilot using a broken bayonet, while he is screaming for mercy and holding up pictures of his kids, do you want an introverted monk who has extreme endurance or someone with a different attitude?

    Similarly, are the kind of qualities likely to allow you to pass special forces selection likely to be the same or similar to the ones needed for siege breaking?

    Two people

    Person a) thoughtful, deliberate, determined, slow-twitch fibre, calm, inclusive. Favoured sport - x-country ski-ing, hillwalking, distance running.

    Person b) quick-witted, decisive, bold, aggressive, confrontational, fast-twitch fibre. Favoured sport - free running, mixed martial arts, gymnastics.

    Now these are stereotypes, but we all know they do represent definite types.

    If you were looking for people with exceptional spatial coordination, explosive power, balance and aggression to go nuts for 8 minutes through a building would you automatically think that the pool of people who had passed special forces selection would contain all of the people you would want?

    Or putting the question differently - if you started with the whole army and picked the 100 people you thought had the most potential for counter-terrorism operations would you discover that all, or even most of them, were already in the special forces?

    I know there are practicalities, but might there be a case for taking people with exceptional ability outisde the special forces and training and keeping them as a permanent group on counter-terrorism operations as others rotate through?

    [Friday afternoon..........mind rotating freely [and doubtless pointlessly :) ]
  2. Are you suggesting that the SRR should be just the start of a collection of specialist SF groups?
  3. it sounds like your saying everyone in the special forces has the same personality and all paras are raving lunes...highly unlikely...i dont quite understand the point of the question i mean the british CT team is the most highly revered in the world! hence the people in it are the best...thus the special forces that operate there are..the best guys for thejob (and they all started out else where so its a silly question)
  4. As this is the NAAFI Bar can I just lower the tone of this factual discussion by saying C UNT? I can! Oh ta very much. . . C UNT
  5. The thing about aggressive people is they can lose grip of reality once the adrenaline starts to flow; I've seen pl sgts having to jump on overenthusiastic riflemen who got carried away and went deaf to commands. Obviously not a great thing to happen in a building full of civvies.

    I can't see that our CT teams are in any way broken, so why the suggestions for fixing them? Especially based on very broad stereotypes.
  6. Can someone please explain what gobbyidiot is trying to say?
  7. As Special forces personnel are stereotypically quiet-reserved-sit-in-a-hide-for 3 weeks eating their own sh1te types, they may not be cut out for short sharp aggression.

    Paras on the other hand are bonkers and there for are.
  8. I think he is demonstrating his misunderstanding of CT Ops. He seems to believe that they are, (misquoting but trying to maintain the original intent), "8 people going nuts for 8 minutes through a building".

    Pretty sure he'll grow up when his nuts drop... :wink:
  9. Thats the first time I have heard an SAS soldier called that! 8O

    Did it occur to you that a decent percentage of "them" are from the paras anyway?
  10. Obviously only the quiet reserved monk-like one of course.
  11. :lol:
  12. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I am suprised you used the word decent & para's in the same sentence!!!

    Now for the backtrack..........

    I don't mean proffessionaly wise of course.
  13. "Monks with extreme endurance" - is he saying that 'them' are all tantric sex gods?

    Ergo - he's also saying that paras are crap in bed!

    Maybe he's speaking from experience?
  14. I think gobbyidiot believes CT ops are akin to yank SWAT missions.

    Therein lies his problem.
  15. Whos better in a fight , a ninja or a viking?