Counter Terrorist Checks for British Muslims.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by clumpydump, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. In the current climate of (only a few)(not all) Muslims being trained as terrorists to vent their faith's anger at the West why are we not carrying out Counter Terrorist Checks on muslims wishing to join the British Army. Racist I may hear some of you scream but for years if you were born or lived in Northern Ireland you and your family were checked for terrorist links.

    Where is the difference.
  2. I'm not really up on all the paperwork which is filled in at the beginning of the recruit process, but isn't there a security/vetting process which is adhered to?
  3. There is a basic check that is carried out but this just confirms that a person is who he says he is and if he/she has any unspent criminal convictions. CTC goes alot deeper.
  4. sounds like a plan
  5. The potential recruit does not need to be a Muslim, if another member of the family has converted and is now a lilywhite Jihadist. E.g.

    Richard Reed (Shoe Bomber)
    Germaine Lindsey (7/7)
    Manfo Asiedu (21/7)

    Not sure it would work
  6. Good argument fella, shame that's only three examples. Clumpydump has a rather valid point......
  7. It happended to me, or something approximating it and its perfectly understandable. The last thing I want is for a situation to occur like that Yank cnut who threw grenades into his oppo's tents, prior to GWII. Not to mention tarnishing the faith even more.

    I've no doubt that AQ or whatever moronic name an offshoot calls themselves will try to get weapons training from the TA, like PIRA did when I was in short trousers.

    It's sensible, and is on-going. However, Jailor has a point...
  8. It is sensible, but you can see the PC Brigade having a field day with accusations of the Army being racist
  9. Pretty much because, like stop-and-search, it'll be down to the discretion of the individual investigator. What's the betting the weight of effort will be on those of a dark-skinned, beared persuasion? and not , say:


    all of whom can pass for Mediterranean or Central European (in bad light, occasionally) and who have been known to turn up for the odd jihad, now and again.

    Now imagine you were born in a country where you were subject to being stopped, searched, probed and investigated every time you tried to go about your lawful occasion and then one day the cops turned up and said, "We need a bit of help keeping an eye on this bloke, mate..." It would be a really stolid citizen who didn't at least have second thoughts.
  10. As a taxpayer and a former soldier, I'm apalled to think that CTC and similar investigations may not be applied to everyone joining HM Forces.

    If it/they isn't/aren't, it is a disgrace, and puts us all at risk.
  11. the PC brigade isn't exactly noted for being sensible... when there was a clampdown on street muggings in an area where the vast majority were carried out by young black males, telling plod to stop & search young black males was 'racist' - can't remember which borough, but was when the whole steaming thing was in the headlines.

    What next - searching for a rapist? Can't just target men - that'd be sexist!

    FFS - if you're looking for international garlic smugglers, target the French. If you're joining an organisation which gives you access to all sorts of dangerous stuff and you are a bit foreign looking, you'll get checked. Simple as. As for converts, well that's just not sporting.